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Geetha Ramakrishnan COO
CEM Business Solutions has nearly 20 years of experience driving the digital transformation for construction companies with innovative processes, solutions, and tools.

In an interview with CIOReview, Geetha Ramakrishnan, the Founder/COO of CEM Business Solutions shares her insights into the company’s nearly 20 years of experience driving digital transformation in businesses.

How is CEM Business Solutions established in the Construction Tech Space?

Our solutions are finding applications across many operational and functional areas within the construction and EPC sectors. Our diverse client bases include General and Specialty Contractors, and Labor Services Providers.

What Sense do You Get of The Challenges They Face now in The Construction Tech Space and how is CEM Business Solutions Effectively Addressing These Issues?

The industry’s specific challenges need immediate and satisfactory resolution.

Project complexity:- Post-pandemic, construction companies are struggling to handle complex, multi-site projects. Enabling collaboration between back-offices and remote sites and transparently monitoring locations is hard. Our SaaS and cloud-based solutions allow companies to do business anywhere and seamlessly collaborate for a significant competitive advantage.

Project completion and financial compliance:- Traditional timekeeping, logging, finance, and accounting systems are incapable of providing financial data, enabling transparent reporting, and meeting compliance and regulatory requirements for complex and remote projects. Our integrated solutions help provide clear, complete, current, and accurate financial data to make these tasks easier.

Payroll compliance:- Payroll is very complex in construction companies, due to various Union, Federal, State, and local rules and mandates. Non-compliance or errors can invite audits, penalties and cause unrest. Our Daily log and Payroll solutions integrate with various financial systems and meet all prevailing laws to make Union and certified payroll easy and accurate.

What Makes CEM Business Solutions Experts in Finding Ways to Help Construction Businesses Achieve Their Complex Enterprise Goals?

CEM Business Solutions empowers EPC companies with digital solutions to overcome their specific challenges. Many solutions available to the Construction sector are point solutions, built without the specific constraints of the sector in mind. Built on the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, our digital solutions help EPC companies in areas like HR and payroll, daily log and attendance, project service automation, and construction management among others.
For over 20 years, companies have leveraged our expertise to get the maximum value out of their technology investments, manage operations, and simplify compliance with payroll regulations and Union and Certified Payroll.

Could you please cite one or two case studies on how you have enabled clients to overcome hurdles and attain desired outcomes with your innovative array of solutions?

Granite Construction Company is a well-known EPC and construction company focused on the oil & gas, power, water, and industrial sectors. They have been our customers for over 12 years using a range of solutions. They manage project costs and run multi-million dollar projects through our construct solution. They have optimized operations and cut cost control costs by 60% by reducing their cost control team to 4 people through system-led automation and control.

The specific problems of the construction and EPC industry demand specialized integrated digital solutions that provide utility, ease of use, and relevance

Much of the labor at airports is union labor. Given the vastness of these jobs and their variety, managing the daily log and union and certified payroll is complex. Pristine Labor Services supplies union labor to multiple airlines. They have reduced their payroll processing time from 2 days to 4 hours after implementing our Daily Log and Union payroll solution. Our solutions help them manage timesheet, payroll, and billing operations. They are expanding and recognize that investing in our solutions will help them scale.

What according to you are the distinct features of CEM Business Solutions that give it a competitive edge?

• We have 20 years of experience driving the digital transformation of the construction sector with innovative processes, solutions, and tools specifically created for the field.

• We engineer comprehensive solutions that digitally link processes and people for improved visibility, informed decision-making, and better project performance and predictability.

• As a Microsoft Gold Dynamics 365 Partner, we help our customers get the maximum bang for the buck for their Microsoft Dynamics 365 investments.”

Is there anything more that you would like to add or highlight?

CEM is a minority woman-helmed company in a male-dominated industry. In an era where the construction sector is struggling to fill talent gaps, Geetha’s leadership and experience are inspiring other women looking to make an entry into the sector.

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Geetha Ramakrishnan COO

CEM Business Solutions has been a Center of Excellence for Microsoft’s Business Solutions since 2003, helping clients digitalize every aspect of their business for modern, smarter and more efficient solutions

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