CEMOSoft: Customer Experience platforms for Retail, Brands, CPG-CE, and Hospitality to engage customers and gather customer insights and intelligence for new growth opportunities

CEMOSoft LLC delivers innovation capabilities using emerging technologies with core focus on “Customer Experience” and offers horizontal platforms for businesses. CEMOSoft’s strategic intent for businesses pursuing digital transformation includes:

• Connecting consumers and businesses with new capabilities and using technologies,
• Engaging customers with smartphone/tablet to gather customer insights and intelligence for new opportunities and to deliver superior customer experiences.

Today, businesses have customer information, such as : contact information (name, phone, email) details of past purchases and experiences. Business CEOs selected “Customer Experience Management”*as the #-1 capability for their business as they pursue digital transformation. Other capabilities include: Digital marketing, Analytics-Big Data, Cloud, Intelligent processes, IOT.

Business executives have other needs, few are:

• Engage customers (Millennials, Gen-Z, Digital Divas), together to learn and grow
• Build brands and relationships (from Adopter, Affinity, Advocate to Ambassador)
• Involve business teams, operations, suppliers together to serve customers
• Utilize emerging technologies (ex: Cloud, Mobile, IOT) as enablers to support growth
• Enhance customer journeys to improve business processes and delight customers
• Innovate for consumer-customer to learn and grow together.

Retailers can engage customers to gather both customer insights (past experiences) and intelligence (future needs/wants). Customer insights can be shared immediately with customer service teams, shipping-logistics, planners, buyers, merchandisers and suppliers to improve customer service and/or deliver newer products and services. Thus, retailers can provide customers a wholistic experience.

To meet business needs, CEMOSoft has platforms for digital transformation that combine innovations capabilities with emerging technologies. Platforms offered are: CEM Series - Customer Experience Management, O’Kiosk, and S2E, as outlined below:

CEMO (launched at 2019 Chief Customer Officers conference, San Diego, CA) allows businesses to engage customers with smartphones. Customers scan a QR code displayed by business.

Customers provide phone number, name, email and then provide their insights to questions and see an advertisement. If a reward is promoted by the business, then customers will get a reward on their smartphone and by email.

CEMO.AI (launched at 2020 WPP Commerce event, Miami, FL) catapults businesses with innovations for the future to build new data set for growth opportunities, such as AI Machine Learning, D2C, Personalization and more.

CEMO-X (launched at 2020 NRF, “The Big Show”, New York, NY) is a scaling platform, CEMO-X allows both corporate and store teams secure access to their respective dashboards to add/manage products. Corporate can engage customers across stores, and empowered store teams can also manage, promote and position sales.

O’Kiosk (short for Order-to-Delivery; launched at 2020 NRF “The Big Show” and 2019 100th National Restaurant Association Show, Chicago, IL)) allows retailers to digitize at a store/department/rack level.

CEMOSoft has partnered with Intel Corporation to accelerate digital transformation in Retail. CEMOSoft delivers Customer Experience innovations using AI software platforms to gather unrivaled customer insights, provide rewards and discounts, and collect customer intelligence for relationship marketing growth opportunities

Retailers can use O’Kiosk as a new channel to sell and deliver customer orders at new locations. Stores can digitize in-store (clearance/sale) items, and install a physical digital-kiosk at locations (for example, malls, sports stadiums, airport lounges, even an Advertisement Poster) to expand-and-extend retailer presence, allowing access by consumer for ordering. Retailer can focus on local delivery options to better serve customers and grow faster.

Retailers use platform dashboard to add/manage product item/sku (name, description, picture, price), delivery team and delivery locations. Customers use smartphones to emulate a Kiosk, look up items, place orders and select a location to pick up an order. O’Kiosks allows retailers to provide customers with a contactless, touchless, smartphone order-to-delivery, thus “Beyond Curbside”.

Covid-19 S2E (short for Screen-to-Enter) allows businesses to screen customers/employees prior to entry. Based on business manager directions, rules and messages, S2E-AI algorithm evaluates customer responses and delivers to smartphone/tablet an appropriate AI message (for Admit or Wait or Don’t Admit status). S2E platform helps businesses during reopen-recovery to create a safer environment.

CEMOSoft platforms are implemented in the Cloud (faster in hours/days), Cloud allows both businesses and customers to engage in two-way communication anytime, anywhere. CEMOSoft can be implemented on the Edge (at a store) with an Intel® IOT Gateway to enable data processing at the Edge that improves data latency and transmission costs.

CEMOSoft is enabled using several emerging technologies: Cloud, Mobile, Edge-IOT, NUC, Artificial Intelligence Software, Hybrid Cloud, Visual Computing for a retailer. CEMOSoft is an Associate member of Intel Corporation’s IOT Solutions Alliance and a Gold member of Intel Partner Alliance. CEMOSoft ecopartners are: Intel Corp., IBM, Advantech, Arrow Electronics and Dell.

Covid-19: O’Kiosk on Customer mobile for virtual, contactless, touchless ordering

In this Covid-era, O’Kiosk content can appear on smartphone/ tablet to allow customers to view, order items and select a delivery location for touchless experience. Businesses can focus on delivery process with a logistics partner, thus “Beyond Curbside.”


Chandler, AZ, USA

Mr. C. J Bruno-Advisor; Mahesh Dharan-Founder, CEO; Dr. John Friar; Dr. Josh Lerner, Harvard Business School

CEMSoft provide technology platform that help build unrivaled customer insights big data for marketing and growth programs, such as personalization, and predictive. Its platforms involve innovation capabilities for customer journeys, and emerging technologies for businesses to engage customers with mobiles smartphones/tablets. The deep AI learning engines enable businesses to enrich customer experiences. The company’s platforms are also implemented on the Edge with Intel® IoT Gateways, NUC, and Sensors. The platform implementation solutions can be customized to meet specific needs of businesses and customer journey