Cendyn/ONE: Integrated Guest Profiling for Personalized Marketing

Tim Sullivan, President In the morning twilight, powerful strokes cut into the blue waters of a five-star resort’s pristine pool, lap after lap. A seemingly refreshing view of the newly revamped pool in a premium travel portal had caught the attention of this business traveler just a week back. This guest was identified through a recent data-driven digital marketing campaign that secured a 34 percent increase in bookings for the five-star resort. His digital touch-points best portray him as already being a member of five different loyalty programs, a person who usually flies business class, relaxes by swimming 100 laps every day, one who prefers solitude and shies away from overly attentive service. “By tracking the digital footprint across the complete spectrum of the guest lifecycle, you can unravel their travel habits and preferences to drive a personalized communication. This brings in a higher level of guest satisfaction and loyalty which in turn results in immediate and measurable impact for hotels and resorts,” says Tim Sullivan, President, Cendyn/ONE.

Cendyn/ONE’s cloud-based software and services platform provides a single integrated view of a guest’s history, values, behavior, desire, intent and engagement to capture, store and analyze a hotel or brand’s unique data. This makes it actionable, creating new and compelling ways to drive profitable marketing outcomes.

Travelers while shaping their plans might visit scores of websites, interact with many hotels, and initiate searches across multiple channels. The booking creates additional touch points across the hotel technology system—reservation, property management, CRM, call center, and loyalty program. There are definite opportunities at every step to create successful interactions with the brand or property through the utilization of generated data. However, most of the captured data reside in disparate platforms waiting to be unlocked. Thirty percent of marketers find these data silos to be the main hurdle to glean useful insights from customer data.

Cendyn/ONE’s team of data experts has developed a proprietary process called Data Intelligence, which unlocks first-party data silos within the hotel enterprise. All the data is brought into a central data warehouse. Cendyn/ONE provides the technology and services to segment, model, analyze and derive insights from the comprehensive data to take action through personalized communication. This increases revenue and drives a higher level of guest satisfaction and loyalty. With over a decade of systems integration experience, Cendyn/ONE integrates with over 80 different hotel systems to create the central data warehouse.

In a recent survey of marketers, 87 percent said that they are data-oriented but only 45 percent have sufficient access to data. Sixty percent of them feel the need for processes, and deep analytical skills to execute a comprehensive data strategy. “At Cendyn/ONE, we have the right combination of technology and people with data in their DNA to navigate a data-driven digital media ecosystem,” states Sullivan. Drawing metaphors with grandmaster Gary Kasparov’s Advanced Chess—where a player is paired with a computer chess program as a team, Sullivan equates that to the combination of Cendyn/ONE’s technology and human intellect. “Our experts combine data intelligence with powerful analytics that function as the enabler to understand your guests like never before,” says Sullivan.

If the hotel’s management is not leveraging the intelligence about their guests, they are at a risk of losing them to a competitor. “Our impetus is on every guest interaction being personalized, in context and situationally aware based on guest sentiment and behavior to guide them effectively through the guest lifecycle,” says Sullivan. The differentiator is in the responsiveness of the hotel staff delighting guests by serving Chamomile tea without their asking, bringing in an element of surprise as well. The result of a recent customer satisfaction survey suggests that highly satisfied customers contribute 2.6 times more to the revenue than partially satisfied customers.

Our experts combine data intelligence with powerful analytics that function as the enabler to understand your guests like never before

The Experiential Reach

Cendyn/ONE’s CRM suite presents an integrated suite of systems designed to help hotels understand and respond to their guests, as well as plan meetings and events. The firm’s middleware platform, eConnectivity, brings the data together by interfacing with systems such as Property Management System, Central Reservation System, web-booking engine, sales and catering, back office and reporting. It allows seamless communication of reservations, guest and group transactions.

To bridge the digital and physical worlds, the CRM suite encompasses three main systems—eInsight, eSurvey, eConcierge—that are built on the robust eConnectivity platform. eInsight, the complete customer profile intelligence system, not only informs the management of historic customer buying levels but also predicts future behavior based on website visits, surveys and other behavioral predictive elements. “Utilizing eInsight’s powerful database, business rules can be set to deliver trigger-based communication and loyalty programs, automating the implementation of marketing strategies,” says Sullivan.

“Our impetus is on every guest interaction being personalized, in context and situationally aware based on guest sentiment and behavior to guide them effectively through the guest lifecycle”

In the art of keeping in touch, eSurvey, a digital guest feedback and monitoring system for hoteliers, provides valuable insight about the guests. This solution has assimilated guest satisfaction data for over 4,500 hotels worldwide. eConcierge is a pre-stay communication system that allows guests to customize their vacation and manage a detailed guest profile with the click of a mouse. The guest profile captures personal preferences and interests, in turn allowing clients to better serve their guests on a more personal level.

The firm’s recently launched loyalty module has generated a lot of interest in the marketplace, encouraging loyalty program members to manage their travel schedules better. “We can white label a loyalty program and manage points, rewards, and stay-based programs as well, on top of the CRM platform,” adds Sullivan.

The defining feature of Cendyn/ONE in the hospitality space is the integration of a digital marketing layer of software and services on top of the CRM, to leverage the data to drive a higher and targeted demand generation campaign based on the knowledge about the guest. Delivered in an intuitive cloud-based interface, the platform provides tools for the clients to perform social media integration, marketing automation, and dynamic content creation to drive response and conversion across the entire digital media landscape.

Impactful Insights

The CRM platform’s robust architecture and API makes it easy to connect to a range of third party data sources and newer systems that come along, and thereby organize the data and present a meaningful profile. Cendyn/ONE combines the data sources based on demographics, lifestyle attributes, and travel and purchase intent to deliver targeted communication and advertising across all digital channels—email, web, display, mobile, video, social and search. “We are able to perform sophisticated look-alike modeling and predictive analytics to ascertain that a person or group has stayed more often or spent the most money and to find out every group that has the same attributes and get the message in front of the prospects,” explains Sullivan.
“Once we classify that a certain individual has the right attributes and behavior that identifies him as a prospective guest, we ensure that the device aware, personalized advertisement or message reaches out to him in context to the guest lifecycle,” affirms Sullivan. Cendyn/ONE has delivered more than one billion targeted communications over the past year.

“Once we classify that a certain individual has the right attributes and behavior that identifies him as a prospective guest, we ensure that the device aware, personalized advertisement or message reaches out to him in context to the guest lifecycle”

For a successful interface with customers at multiple touch-points, Cendyn/ONE partnered with ADARA, a travel data company, to provide better marketing outcome for a five star full service resort client. The initiative was to evaluate and combine Cendyn/ONE’s CRM first party data with ADARA’s travel intent and behavior data to arrive at the ideal target audience. ADARA’s range of data comprises travel and booking, airline preference, airline loyalty, historical travel patterns and travels behaviors. Two separate creative campaigns were initiated based on the dataset. The first campaign targeted the content—where the advertisements were sent to luxury travel, content sites, food and wine, art and culture, luxury shopping, and investing. The second data driven campaign was directed towards audience profiles leveraging the combined data sets. In addition to the higher conversion rate, the data-driven audience-targeted campaign approach generated 121 percent more revenue, 275 percent more visitors into the booking engine, a 31 percent higher return on the client’s ad spend and a 34 percent higher conversion rate.

Cendyn/ONE’s data intelligence strategy drives significantly higher ROI by way of direct bookings. “Most of our clients want to maximize their share of direct bookings so that they need not pay commission to travel agencies. Our process enables them to attract more of the right audience to book directly with them— increasing their conversion rates, loyalty, and driving repeat guests,” says Sullivan.

Cendyn/ONE continues to add new features and enhancements every month, with new updates on dashboard reporting and an enhanced guest profile slated later in the year. The firm’s product and service strategy is focused on data intelligence with plans to integrate more data sources into the platform.

In its truest sense, the success in hospitality industry is all about enhanced experiences and relationships that nurture pleasant lingering memories. At the heart of Cendyn/ONE’s impactful digital initiatives is a culture of deep understanding of customer requirements that translate into competitive advantage. “We wow the guests even before they step in, furthering the impact on guest loyalty on this reflective journey of creative engagement,” reaffirms Sullivan.

The Cendyn Time Line

Following successful careers at global hospitality brands, Charles and Robin Deyo leveraged their experience to start Cendyn about two decades ago. Expanding rapidly and gaining client base, the company started to organize itself around distinct lines of businesses to position as signature enterprises. The impetus is bearing fruit with the Cendyn portfolio of companies proudly serving over 30,000 hotels in 143 countries. As part of the group, Cendyn Arcaneo provides a SaaS Event Technology Platform, Cendyn/ONE offers integrated CRM, Data-Driven Digital Marketing and Interactive Design and Development as well as Cendyn SPACES, an innovative co-workplace environment and the award-winning restaurant concept M.E.A.T. Eatery & Taproom.

To support the new corporate structure and continued rapid growth, a year back, Cendyn moved to a new home. The expanded space in Boca Raton, FL, serves as the North American headquarters for Cendyn and its signature enterprises. "The opening of our new headquarters represents a major milestone in our 18 year history," said Cendyn CEO and Founder Charles Deyo. "Cendyn has been at the forefront of innovation, developing and delivering intuitive and first-in-class solutions for our hospitality customers and now we have the perfect environment to expand our capabilities."


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Tim Sullivan, President

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