censhare AG: Core Communication Strategies Via Business Analytics and Marketing Resource Management

Dieter Reichert, Co-Founder
Addressing several channels in the right manner is often referred to as a key strategy for staying ahead of the growing competition. Yet, it stands as a fundamental and most complex part to build a successful network in the marketplace. German based censhare AG, founded in 2001,stands for the vision of new communication in a networked, integrated world.

censhare AG certainly has the know-how of harmoniously tackling communication issues that companies face today. Co-founded by Dieter Reichert, the company is a system for efficient corporate communication, multi-channel marketing, international sales literature and collaboration. The censhare software includes integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM), Marketing Resource Management (MRM), translation management, social media interfaces, Web Content Management, app production and an editorial system. “We offer integrated DAM that includes the possibility to produce data and distribute rich media assets. Hence, we can control costs and budgets for media and marketing workflows,” says Reichert. The firm offers an application programming interface and software development kit to extend existing solutions and integrate other business applications while the censhare system can be operated on premise or in SaaS and Cloud environments. The company further strengthens its services by gaining expertise in business analytics and Marketing Resource Management.

Unlike competitors, the censhare AG stands out with its prime Enterprise DAM and Semantic Information System with context-aware computing in an all in one system. It predominantly comprises of an integrated planning, production and workflow system (MRM, BPM, Localization, Personalization, Transformations, XML content workflow) along with Integrated content Management for all channels (print, digital, mobile, social, any desired format, device, and platform).
The censhare AG sees traction for itself from all verticals due to a growing demand for integrated information management and customer experience management.

censhare employs its solutions to over 150 media companies, financial service providers and agencies as well as to leading corporations, active in industry, wholesaling and retailing. The company roster includes renowned organizations such as BMW, Burda, Dyson, Geberit, McCann Erickson, Ori flame, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Bank, Migros, REWE,SwissRe, Editora ABRIL, Hearst UK, or the Austrian publishing group NEWS.One of several clients of censhare AG is the world-renowned Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra, which required a single source-marketing tool. censhare assisted its client in storing, managing and processing all product information and media assets for 12 sales regions and 6 languages via a single central censhare DAM system. Consequently, censhare integrated production for content and customer experiences in all channels including international price lists, factheets and brochures, website with online shop, media database, apps and social media. “Relying on censhare, Vitra for the first time ever addresses endcustomers with a new website and online shop,” comments Reichert. Vitra received the return on investment on this project in a short time.

Developing censhare into a central hub for digital and multi-channel marketing is Reichert and his team’s foremost mission. The upcoming censhare version 5 contains a new user interface and Software Development Kit(SDK) to enhance user experiences out of censhare with any application. censhare started to address the U.S. market in 2013 and will further enhance its market development in the U.S. together with its partners IO integration and Wipro. Also, to help it’s partners to grow successfully; censhare is mapping out new strategies and planning to create a store, which will boost its international establishment. censhare strongly believes in its capacity of building brisk software that can foster intelligent business communications.


Munich, Germany

Dieter Reichert, Co-Founder

Provides a system for integrated and efficient corporate communication, multichannel marketing, international sales literature and collaboration.

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