censhare AG: Enhancing Business Communication with integrated Solutions

Dieter Reichert, CEO
Censhare AG, a Munich, Germany based company with subsidiaries in Sunnyvale, CA, London, Zurich and Gurgaon, India, comes from a background of communication with over two decades of experience. It offers an efficient marketing and communication strategy to help its clients, regardless of its focus or size, to address their customers precisely in the manner they would expect and wherever and whenever they want to communicate. "We at censhare understand the nature of communication as arising from communication in nature," explains Dieter Reichert, CEO, censhare AG. "Each apparently compact piece of information as a small, single "grain", similar to a quantum, can be viewed, edited, and divided into even smaller pieces of data and variations. This allows a messaging that reacts on the given target, context or “dimension" and on its recipient and point in time," he adds.

censhare's integrated marketing solutions facilitate companies to manage their communication, blend with information and engage with customers through analog and digital media. Along with that, integrated social analytics, geospatial information and data intelligence are some of the vital offers from censhare to inculcate digital experience to everyone in the industry. All these solutions add more value to enterprise in terms of effortless and effective business communication in a more agile manner.

Emerging from the communication arena, censhare's experts have been tackling and supporting companies with robust strategies and solutions. censhare connects people with contents and processes, enabling intelligent business communication. Manual intervention, duplication and replication of information are thwarted through automated business processes to control key areas of Marketing and Communications. Marketing success becomes predictable with data intelligence and advanced analytic solutions. Translation processes are supported and streamlined with integrated toolsets. Moreover, censhare can be integrated with most enterprise solutions and external analytics solutions for a complete interaction.
censhare's client and project portfolio covers virtually all industries, sectors and company sizes. The portfolio includes international media companies, agencies and corporate customers like BMW, Hearst, McCann, Condé Nast, Bauer US, Dyson, Deutsche Bank, or Editora Abril. censhare's solution played a vital role to help a U.S. international company expanding its strategy and to enter into a complete new business model: The company produces famous tech gear and manages its enormous amount of user generated videos with the censhare system. With this large amount of content and with the flexibility of the censhare solution, the company is about to alter from a product manufacturer into an international media house, giving “-Generated Content “a community". censhare implements and controls all internal and external tasks and measures of our clients to enable consistent brand interactions", says Reichert.

Our tools are potentially designed to inculcate the brand value for successful communication on goods and products

censhare's strategies and services are very evident through their collaborative approach towards customers. "Our tools are potentially designed to inculcate the brand value for successful communication in B2B and B2C claims Reichert. Digitalization, intelligent knowledge management and high evaluation of all media brands can simplify the engagement process across channels. Likewise, censhare updates customers on the aspects of using modern methods in order to respond and evolve in communication every day. Looking forward, censhare is committed to provide the perfect marketing and communications strategy for every company. "We expect to continue to be a leader of innovation in the future and foster to the needs of customers in the most adequate manner," concludes Reichert.

censhare AG

Munich, Germany

Dieter Reichert, CEO

Providers of integrated solution and strategies for intelligent business communication.