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Benjamin Little, CEO
Wireless technology has become more and more essential for modern businesses. In today’s world, businesses must adapt quickly to outperform competitors by deploying the most targeted technology to fit their current needs. Therefore, it is vital to engage the right services and support to achieve results. Centerline Solutions, headquartered in Golden, CO is one of the most trusted providers of network services to the wireless telecommunications industry. The company uses an innovative approach and highly skilled wireless experts to advance client networks, delivering sustainable business growth through the design, implementation, and ongoing support of cutting-edge wireless technology solutions.

Centerline Solutions offers services to design, build, modify, and maintain the infrastructure for wireless telecommunication networks. “Working with a single vendor who can self-perform all aspects needed for a wireless project means ultimate efficiency,” says Benjamin Little, CEO, Centerline Solutions. The company’s expertise in RF engineering, site construction, A&E services, and entitlement all under one roof gives it an edge over the competition. As a full turnkey provider their services are performed in-house affording staff complete control of all project aspects from start to finish. “We start with understanding the client’s needs and then propose the solutions and appropriate technologies to best fit their project,” adds Little.

The company offers customized solutions for clients in need of network modifications of any kind. Centerline is specialized in modification services like RF optimization, entitlement negotiations, carrier coordination and structural modifications.

Centerline Solutions is efficient in offering targeted solutions–reliably delivering premier insights for maintaining wireless networks, including traditional and mobile towers plus in-building systems. This process starts with efficient testing and measurement of current performance then follows with troubleshooting to repair and restore any issues.

We start with understanding the client’s needs and then propose the solutions and suitable technologies to best fit their project

Centerline looks at wireless networks from all angles in order to suggest the most efficient and cost effective design for the case at hand. “Our engineers and designers work with the service installers to ensure that the designs they are proposing can be efficiently installed,” explains Little.

The company’s services and solutions have helped many customers solve complex issues. A recent client was seeking to solve a large-scale network capacity issue as the traffic on their network system was exceeding the current limits. As a result, the speed in the overall network decreased, causing a rapid decline in the number of customers. Centerline Solutions’ expert engineers developed an innovative design to boost network capacity while still working harmoniously with the current system. By implementing the suggested changes and installations, the client was able to increase significantly the capacity, resulting in better retention of customers.

Today, with over 350 employees managing projects throughout North America, Centerline Solutions serves the major wireless providers, equipment manufacturers, tower owners, government entities, and private industries with industry-leading customer service and uncompromising attention to detail. Moving forward, Centerline Solutions is planning to roll out more cutting-edge technology and services and expand their geographic footprint. “Currently, we have seven offices and have worked in 40 states. In the coming year we plan to expand our work into all 50 states,” concludes Little.

Centerline Solutions

Golden, CO

Benjamin Little, CEO

Full turnkey provider of all services and solutions needed in the wireless telecommunications sector, offering expert guidance to Design, Build, Modify, and Maintain wireless networks

Centerline Solutions