CenterPoint Solution: Unleashing the Power of Microsoft through Unconventional Methods

Melanie Gass, President
Companies that embrace the Microsoft platform tend to take a warrior approach towards setup, deployment, maintenance and training—all in-house, as the resources are easily available. But time and again, this leads to an incomplete understanding of Microsoft products, resulting in subpar productivity and inefficient use of time. This is where CenterPoint Solution comes in. It is not without reason that Melanie Gass, President, CenterPoint Solution is known worldwide as “The Microsoft Princess.” She has been a Microsoft Certified expert since 1998 and has a vast technical and business knowledge of the Microsoft platform with which she helps customers make the most of all the nifty features present in the software giant’s products.

Melanie’s infectious passion drives CenterPoint to design SharePoint solutions from an enduser perspective and train users across Microsoft products in nontraditional ways that help the users retain 90 percent of what they learn. CenterPoint’s innovative and methodical approach to corporate training provides highvalue results to companies both large and small, and drives value through Microsoft’s business intelligence deliverables both in self-service and automated variables. Furthermore, the firm is finding new ways to leverage Microsoft Azure and also promote the safety and security around Microsoft’s cloud offerings.

CenterPoint is a certified Microsoft Experience Center facilitator. In essence, this means Microsoft contracts Melanie’s firm to deliver hands-on sessions for businesses to truly appreciate the value Microsoft technologies bring to their organizations. “We are one of the few firms that truly understand all of the Microsoft products both from a technical and business perspective,” says Melanie, “This allows us to show you how to maximize the investment you have already made and roadmap the future.”

Leveraging Microsoft’s Business Intelligence offerings, CenterPoint has transformed a number of businesses. In one such instance, the solution provided visualized data mapping across various continents and helped a customer gain a better visual understanding of their products’ sales impact.
Additionally, they were also able to gain a realization of product performance over the course of time that assisted them in deciding whether to discontinue certain product lines or adjust manufacturing locations based on customer end points to save on logistics.

We are one of the few firms that truly understand every Microsoft product both from a technical and business perspective. We show you how to maximize the investment you have made and roadmap the future

On another occasion, CenterPoint deployed Office 365’s Exchange mail to a customer in healthcare space that helped the client cut downtime, additional storage costs for archiving, and additional software requirements for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance. Microsoft’s environment also provided the flexibility to work with competitive mobile device platforms, through which the customer enabled and supported a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.

CenterPoint is currently in its tenth year and intends to continue being on the cutting edge of technology space, and helping customers understand the value of Microsoft offerings to make the best decisions for their business. The firm is also looking to dive deeper into the mobile space and cloud. Melanie says, “We think the mobile and cloud is going to be a game changer for the employees to live in a world of greater access to information and flexibility and work in a more portable way.”

CenterPoint Solution

South Orange, NJ

Melanie Gass, President

Provides unconventional online and on-site corporate training and consulting services on Microsoft platforms, including SharePoint and Azure