CenterStone Technologies: Shaping Digital Marketing with B2B E-commerce Sales Tools

The evolving marketing trends have played a major role in shaping today’s industrial sector. The escalation in modern marketing techniques has not left the Textile industry untouched. The infusion of technology into marketing strategies has opened the doors to a plethora of digital marketing and sales tools for apparel brands to ease their penetration into the market. Headquartered in Denver, CO, CenterStone Technologies offers digital marketing and web-based B2B e-commerce applications for new brands to improve time to market and boost revenue-growth.

To accelerate the process of marketing, sales, IT and operations of a brand, CenterStone integrates with its ERP and PLM software. “When we took the decision to start developing a B2B strategy we needed a solution that was fast to implement, integrated with our existing ERP system and had an intuitive user interface that required the minimum of learning on the part of the retailer,” says Rob Wylie, MD, Osprey Europe. CenterStone allows brands to see all their data including products, prices and order status under a single pane of glass with integrated control. The iVendix solution delivers all this in a single multi-language and currency platform.

CenterStone’s SaaS model, iVendix prioritizes the needs of Apparel brands for wholesale engagement by making status, inventory and excel sheets readily available. With cloud connectivity, iVendix features Electronic Data Interchange allowing businesses to deal with a number of large clients. “iVendix delivers a large and extensive user community that is continuing to grow at a very rapid pace,” Tom Detmer, CEO of CenterStone Technologies.

CenterStone offers a suite of solutions that are fully integrated with iVendix for better decision making by simplifying the sales process. Organizations can create visual product summaries and customized catalog presentations according to their needs through CenterStone’s iV GUIDE. iV MOBILE is another offering from CenterStone integrated with iVendix, that enables users to work on the run and offline on any device.

iVendix delivers a large and extensive user community that is continuing to grow at a very rapid pace

CenterStone’s flagship product was selected by Life is Good, a wholesaler and retailer of apparel and accessories, putting an end to their hunt for a B2B ecommerce platform. Life is Good runs on SAP and was looking for a solution that could integrate with SAP. In order to provide higher level of customer service, Life is Good was looking for a solution that could be quickly adopted by users. CenterStone’s iVendix solution did the right job for them. iVendix software serves as a B2B online ordering solution for the retail dealers of Life is Good enabling them to view automated catalogs, check on the availability of product, track and monitor the status of orders anytime they want over the web.

With advanced order management capabilities, CenterStone’s e-commerce platform offers individualized portal access to brand merchandisers, sales representatives, and dealers. Its SaaS model enables brands to minimize downtime and make their way to the ever-growing industry of Textile and Apparel.

For the road ahead, the company is looking forward to integrate with retailers and raise the level of their customer service while continuing to expand their distribution operation. The company will ally with a number of apparel brands with its solutions making them accessible to customer service professionals as well as distributors anytime and from anywhere.

CenterStone Technologies

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Tom Detmer, CEO

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