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Abdul Subhani, President & CEO
Young Abdul Subhani adjusted the time on his watch and gazed out of the window as he entered the clear blue skies of Central Texas. The 18-year-old exchange student from Multan, Pakistan, came to the United States of America in 1998, with the adroitness of a problem-solver and the passion of an entrepreneur. The years that followed tested these qualities as he excelled in various roles—from the first continuing education instructor to develop a variety of non-credited courses at his community college, to the director of technology at Boys & Girls Clubs, where he implemented and oversaw the entire IT infrastructure for its 25 sites. However, the most significant milestone in his journey was the founding of his own IT consulting company, Centex Technologies in 2006—the culmination of Subhani’s expertise in areas like web development, digital marketing, and network security.

Centex Technologies was established to tackle some of the prevalent predicaments noticed by Subhani in the SMB market. “Often times, the business owners we speak to are not entirely sure of what they want the website to do for their business,” says Subhani. “Centex Technologies ensures that the customer end goals—which may be increased consumer visits and queries, the sale of a product or a service on the website, delivery of information, and so on—form the guiding principle throughout the discovery, design, and development stages.”

At the onset of a project, a team from Centex Technologies works with the customer to discover the requirements and study their business proposition, internal processes, staff, and operations. Following the discovery phase, the website layout is prepared, and customer feedback is incorporated to make sure the design suits their taste and represents their brand to the fullest. Then, Centex Technologies’ certified and experienced developers systematically code the website and perform extensive quality analysis and testing on the demo servers and customers’ servers, following which the website goes live.

What makes the development process unique is Centex Technologies’ ability to optimize the custom website for online marketing, a feature that is seldom found in templates and budget-friendly websites.

Centex Technologies ensures that the customer end goals form the guiding principle throughout the discovery, design, and development stages

Further, Centex Technologies’ in-house certified online marketing experts can perform SEO, digital marketing, and website analytics for the customer as an additional service.

Taking these additional features a step further, Centex Technologies has also implemented AI-powered “web-bots” on the websites of several of its customers. For instance, a multinational bank utilized this web-bot to alleviate the need to deploy hundreds of customer support agents to answer consumer queries regarding their accounts and other services offered by the bank. The web-bot automatically redirects customers to different pages based on their queries, helping them find what they are looking for. Moreover, the bot learns individual preferences of customers quickly to preempt their requests even before they type it in, enhancing the overall website experience.

Apart from providing these cutting-edge capabilities in the front end, Centex Technologies also ensures that the website performance is optimal at all times. Several decisions made by the company’s designers and developers are backed by hard statistics sourced from website UX analysis, aimed at improving each nuance of the website experience.

The company sees a lot of interest in enhancing web UI/ UX and quality of service in the public sector and recently established a foothold with certifications in this market. Subhani aptly concludes, “Ever since I stepped foot in the country, studied, and started a business here, there was only one way to grow—exponentially.”

Centex Technologies

Killeen, TX

Abdul Subhani, President & CEO

Provides custom web design and development services, along with powerful online marketing capabilities in websites that are optimized to enable business outcomes

Centex Technologies