Centigon Solutions: Increasing Analytics Adoption and Utility with Location Intelligence

Ryan Goodman, CEO Evan DeLodder, CTO
With the growth and maturity of Business Intelligence, it has become easier than ever for companies to use data for more informed decisions. However, customers who don’t naturally think ‘spatially’, stand to gain the most by having insight into where assets and events exist, and how they affect the bottom-line. Location intelligence can solve this issue in an instant, “However it is the challenge to make location intelligence an important focus of businesses, and help users cross the knowledge gap, that drives us every day,” says Ryan Goodman, CEO, Centigon Solutions. “Customers may have geospatial maps or GIS in their organization, but they do not have access or the ability to use these tools for daily decision making,” he adds. Helping companies address these challenges is Centigon Solutions—a company that offers location intelligence solutions for customer’s analytics and mobile apps initiatives.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Centigon Solution built its reputation as a premier developer of location intelligence solutions for SAP Business Objects, and has since expanded its offering to mobile analytics, and custom business apps. Their widely adopted location intelligence integration for dashboards allows customers to take existing dashboards and inject interactive geographic visualizations as a native part of the analytics application. “We have worked hard to dramatically simplify the creation and integration of mapping visualizations, but more importantly align the technology to the most common business cases for using the technology,” says Evan DeLodder, CTO, Centigon Solutions. “With CMaps Analytics we set out to use consumer friendly map experiences as a foundation to create powerful enterprise analytics, with the flexibility to do so with or without the aid of a GIS professional” he adds.

Working with a worldwide implementation partner network, Centigon Solutions’ products are benefitting many clients across the globe. Consider the example of a NY based grocery delivery and Logistics Company.
Using traditional business intelligence and predictive analytics, the organization wanted to foresee the future risks for delinquent deliveries. Using CMaps Analytics location intelligence, operations staff could quickly pinpoint issues and take action, leading to a significant increase in on-time deliveries and customer retention.

“In the early days, we were perceived as going against the grain by using cloud, consumer mapping technology. Now, partners like Google and TomTom have become powerful cloudbased map foundations for us to layer our own visualization and analysis layers, or GIS powered layers. This is one of the factors that differentiate us from the rest,” says Goodman. With an emphasis on cloud and mobile, Centigon Solutions is helping customers rapidly deploy location intelligence without any additional infrastructure. The company is also investing heavily on tying the geographic analysis to the indoor space. “We want customers to start with a geographic view and drill inside of brick and mortar locations while still having a bird’s eye view of the business’s performance,” says Goodman.

With a Business Intelligence perspective, we empower business users look at analytics with a new lens thanks to our plug-and-play location intelligence

Going forward, the company is focused on a cloud-based designer for embedded analytics, indoor visualization, and the continuation of plug-in location intelligence solutions to platforms like SAP Business Objects and Salesforce.com. Centigon aims to enable businesses to create location intelligence solutions across the entire enterprise by focusing on a broader set of business consumers and focusing on improving user adoption.

Centigon Solutions

San Diego, CA

Ryan Goodman, CEO Evan DeLodder, CTO

A provider of location intelligence tools for enterprise analytics and mobile apps