Centiq : Facilitating Seamless SAP Migrations

Matt Lovell, CEO
Time and again, human history has substantiated these words by the father of evolution. Coincidentally, one cannot deny that this quote also draws a fascinating parallel with the business world. Over the years, only those enterprises that have been quick on their feet in the face of adversities have been able to overcome the hardships of ‘change.’

A case in point is a global manufacturing enterprise. The company, having acquired a new business division, was facing several challenges in transitioning their financial and cost controlling (FICO) operations. Although there was adequate human resource working on the reconciliation and post-processing tasks, the enterprise was encountering several inefficiencies in multiple processes, including their reporting interfaces, tax journaling, asset inventory, and cost center analysis. On a larger scale, the company aspired to move away from the siloed business to a more advanced and comprehensive platform able to streamline varied business operations. The question was, how were they going to achieve all of this efficiently?

The manufacturing enterprise found its answer with Centiq—the pioneers in designing, building, and managing SAP platforms with over 20 years of experience in the field.

Centiq analyzed the enterprise’s core financial processes, inclusive of the client’s business infrastructure that comprised multiple layers of upgrades and disparate software, which were further exacerbating the issues and leading to mistrust in the data generated by these disconnected systems. Upon engagement, Centiq decided to eliminate silos by centralizing all their business workflows through SAP S/4HANA—a future-ready enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with built-in intelligent technologies, including AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics functions. Along with implementing the new workflow, Centiq facilitates a smooth and seamless mindset shift among the users. Thus, by collaborating with the client’s enterprise at various levels, Centiq ended up saving almost 89 hours a month for the company’s financial teams. Today, Centiq conducts enhancement sprints every quarter to keep the client enterprise at the helm of SAP evolution.

Setting the Course for Sustainable Transformation

Founded in 1998, Centiq was established as an IT support specialist, gradually transitioning into enterprise applications until it evolved into an SAP partner in 2005. It quickly grew into a global SAP HANA partner, facilitate seamless SAP transformations to customers across the world.

Centiq delivers change through a d etailed governance process that facilitates a seamless change in the workforce mindset as per the new b usiness models

“In the course of our journey as an SAP partner, we also came across many SAP users struggling to transition their business-critical systems to the cloud,” says Matt Lovell, CEO of Centiq. The lack of awareness regarding the nuances of various cloud offerings and the absence of precise guidance kept them from unlocking the full benefits of taking their SAP infrastructure to the cloud. Lovell and his team developed a robust cloud migration strategy based on the ‘market favorite’ among successful SAP implementors—Microsoft Azure.

At this point, it was clear to Lovell that Centiq had to build its ‘center of excellence’ on the ultimate Azure-SAP symbiosis. With a Microsoft Gold partnership in hand, Centiq secured its position as the industry expert for SAP HANA to Azure implementations. Today, Centiq is unparalleled in its ability to deliver successful SAP integrations with Azure migrations, deployments, and optimizations. The company makes agility, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness integral to its onboarding approach, offering precisely what clients expect from a first-in-class SAP service provider. As Lovell says, “Centiq delivers change through a detailed governance process that facilitates a seamless shift in the workforce mindset as per the new business models.”

Centiq’s four-pillar methodology— standardize, rationalize, modernize, and automate—is specifically designed for seamless SAP transformations Even if it is downscaling, downsizing, upscaling, or pivoting existing systems, Centiq makes certain that the clients’ operating model is standardized across their entire SAP infrastructure. Moreover, along with embedding new technologies and modernizing their infrastructure, the company leverages DevOps and automation to simplify the SAP operations and generate additional value for the business even after implementation.

Illuminating the Path to Operational Success

Backed by over two decades of knowledge and expertise in the SAP field, the Centiq workforce is committed to guiding the clients to success. The company’s workforce takes it upon themselves to proactively interact with the clients and offer valuable suggestions on cost-savings and new opportunities to build for the long haul. And to bring its employees to this position of trust and responsibility, Centiq takes an academy-based approach to nurture the talent in its workforce and comprehensively train them in project management, communication, governance, and so on. Thus, by fostering a culture of agility, innovation, and responsiveness, Centiq goes the extra mile in ensuring a collaborative customer experience.

Moving forward on a path of mutual growth with its clients, Centiq is empowering them to stay abreast of the evolution of SAP HANA and Microsoft Azure. The company is building new capabilities around Azure integration points, including data center migrations, SQL server workloads, and so on. As a small and agile integration partner, Centiq will continue giving its clients the ability to achieve their outcomes faster, while accelerating their innovation cycles and driving sustainable change.


Nottingham, UK

Matt Lovell, CEO

Centiq is a specialist in designing, building, and managing SAP platforms with over 20 years of experience in the field. The company’s combination of expertise, thought leadership, and automation offering enables it to offer outstanding and personal customer experiences as it delivers successful SAP transformations for every client. The company makes agility, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness integral to its onboarding approach, offering precisely what clients expect from a first-rate SAP service provider