CentralColo: Pay per Use Elastic Data Centers

Arman Khalili, CEO
Be it services, innovation, speed, cost, or flexibility— there are several reasons for a business to opt for colocation rather than building its own data center. But one that stands out is that colocation provides an optimum win-win scenario through cost-effective and high-end datacenter infrastructure. This is what CentralColo does. The Sunnyvale, CA based company delivers fiber connectivity, flexible power options, efficient cooling and secure infrastructure at competitive rates to address all the collocation requirements that a customer will require. CentralColo’s model is based on a pay per elastic model versus the inflexible structure that exists in today’s market place. CentralColo provides both mission critical and less-mission critical infrastructure under one roof with independent electrical systems. “We deliver carrier neutral fiber connectivity, metered or breakered power and independent cooling systems to run a cost-effective data center with pay per use simplicity,” states Arman Khalili, CEO, CentralColo, “This is as close to the cloud model that data center services can get.”

CentralColo designs its solutions with flexible electrical infrastructure and dual independent mechanical infrastructure to support both High density Compute lab space and full mission critical data center features. The customized solutions range from half cabinets to multi-mega watt private secure suites. “We provide space, power and cooling infrastructure with a ‘hybrid’ approach instead of the current one size fits all approach in the industry. We own and operate a Tier III data center that has had 13 years of 100 percent uptime history,” says Khalili.

The facility is designed to deliver a minimum of 5 KW per cabinet and can scale up to 25 KW per cabinet. All circuits are monitored and metered on revenue grade infrastructure. CentralColos’ first facility is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and is becoming the preferred destination for a premium cost effective inter connection data center.

We provide mission critical and less mission critical infrastructure under one roof with robust electrical and fully redundant cooling systems all delivered on a Pay Per Use basis

Currently there are over 12 telecommunication carriers and more are being added. CentralColo is also a cloud neutral data center and already has a handful of cloud hosting providers. CentralColo’s business plan is to partner with its hosting and cloud providers and does not plan to be in the cloud business directly. CentralColo’s hybrid cloud connect services allow for seamless integration and data transfers in and out of public clouds, where a customer can choose both colocation and cloud services in a hybrid model.

CentralColo has deployed state of the art IP based security and surveillance systems along with its proprietary DCIM solution including power metering down to single circuits all integrated in to its portal.

Moving ahead, CentralColo is going to expand its operations across the world wherever the demand for perpetual data centers is high and is working towards diversification in its colocation services. “We are excited to have seen excellent growth in our high density Data Center validating the marketplace needs. With big power and cooling challenges, and with our capital improvements, we will be able to provide the perfect platform for growing businesses of any size,” concludes Khalili


Sunnyvale, CA

Arman Khalili, CEO

Provides space, power, cooling and connectivity solutions as well as third party cloud connect services to meet all the data center needs.