Centric Consulting (Centric): Thoughtful Insights Into Key Business Challenges

Dave Rosevelt, CEO
Companies are facing significant pressures to innovate, stay ahead of the competition and operate at high levels of performance in this highly advanced era. Customer, shareholder, employee and regulatory expectations continue to increase and evolve at an ever-increasing pace.

Centric Consulting, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Dayton, OH, is a business consulting and technology solutions firm providing full-service management consulting services. The culture, people and delivery make Centric distinctive from its competitors. The company accepts as true that clients are entitled to a matchless consulting experience. Centric wants everyone to feel empowered to succeed, trust in their abilities and excited to work with the company.

The firm provides a full complement of services that address top-of-mind issues that businesses face today. The services include helping clients enhance customer experiences, enable and sustain change, improve operational performance and transform and grow business.
Centric always tries to make sure that the experience with the clients does not end with the life of a project.

The company offers a full range of support that included data mining to sharpen business strategy, developing and deploying web, e-commerce or mobile applications and even building new products using specialized rippleware division. The firm delivers consulting services in a variety of different ways: deliverable-based projects, teaming arrangements or role-based engagements.

Centric works closely with clients to provide thoughtful insights into key business challenges, develop strategies and tactics to address each and chart roadmaps to enable and deploy change. The firm has created a company culture that embraces big thinking and small details, providing enterprise impact through local delivery.

Centric Consulting

Dayton, OH

Dave Rosevelt, CEO

Provides full-service management consulting services.