Centric Energy Systems: Delivering Effective Energy Management Solutions

Dennis Stewart, President
As a C-level executive atop the pecking order of a large enterprise, keeping track of every small aspect of the business can be tricky. Thus, facility managers are tasked with monitoring and reporting on the day-to-day processes of an organization’s geographical establishment—like buildings and IT parks—continually and accurately. Proper supervision of a company’s energy utilization and its management can result in the development of efficient energy consumption solutions that are safer for the environment and reduce financial expenditures. However, conducting granular research into the energy utilization of an organization to extract the required data from various machines is difficult and time-consuming. These aspects of energy management and the “how” of developing solutions for the same is driving organizations of all sizes to seek out experts in the expansive field of energy technology.

“Many organizations today have a vague idea of improving energy performance but lack time and experience to design useful solutions” opines Dennis Stewart, president of Centric Energy Systems. “By focusing on collecting data from a variety of physical devices, we offer companies the ability to visibly track their energy usage and improve their energy consumption practices.” With over two decades of experience as an electrical engineer in the power industry, Stewart started Centric, an energy solutions provider, in 2001, after an early realization for the need to study energy consumption patterns within a facility. Over the next few years, it became apparent to Stewart that visualization of use patterns was the critical key to success in energy management.

Centric understands the multilayered dynamics of an organization concerning the financial and managerial outlooks on energy. “Organizations look at energy as a big dollar item,” states Stewart. As a systems integrator, Centric has developed a software product which delivers accurate energy usage readings to a dashboard that is updated in real time. This dashboard articulately displays energy usage data—that has been collected from various devices across the facility—to the concerned departments via graphs, charts, and customizable graphics to discernibly and systematically illustrate “how much, where, and when” energy was used in an organization.

We offer companies the ability to visibly track their energy usage and improve their energy consumption practices

“We seldom dictate or recommend hardware” adds Stewart. “Our core focus is applying software to existing hardware and networking infrastructure to bring visibility to energy utilization.”

Team Centric stood true to their data-collecting heritage of 18 years when a large manufacturing company was in need of a comprehensive energy management data consolidation system. Having already partnered with Centric earlier to accumulate energy usage data from several electricity, water, steam, natural gas, and diesel fuel sources, the manufacturer entrusted the energy solutions provider with a new predicament. They were having difficulty understanding what was happening in a chilled-water cooling system that often failed to provide sufficient cooling. As experts in developing software specific to the needs of the client, Centric delivered a solution that seamlessly integrated with the existing building management system and visualized the movement of energy within the cooling tower. Following the implementation of Centric’s software, the manufacturing company was able to clearly observe and regulate cooling system performance within a month and control the energy inputs and outputs for the system.

Believing in the notion that every organization is unique and, consequently, so are their energy requirements, Stewart intends to deliver solutions equally distinct. Stewart and his associates are guiding the company to be a strategic partner with more businesses, implementing energy solutions to a broader geographical and technological clientele.

Centric Energy Systems

Boise, ID

Dennis Stewart, President

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