CEPTES: Innovation and expertise in the Salesforce powerhouse

Priya Ranjan Panigrahy, Co-Founder and Director
What started out as perhaps one of the earliest SaaS-based sales automation solution at the end of the 90s, today is a distinguished global cloud computing powerhouse, Salesforce. Nearly 10 years later, when the light of Salesforce's capabilities was about to break into the mainstream, a team of Salesforce technology enthusiasts set out to improve it to meet future demands. CEPTES saw the potential of Salesforce technology to produce solutions that could further enhance the platform's effectiveness by over 50 percent. As Priya Ranjan Panigrahy, Co-founder and Director, CEPTES told, "We built our products after a thorough market research and put 15 years of our experience and expertise to address customer pain points." Harish Kumar Poolakade, another Co-founder, and Director said, "After delivering 50+ complex integration projects globally, CEPTES is now an expert in accelerating digital transformation processes with advanced Salesforce products and solutions."

CEPTES has since converged those customer requirements to forge three enterprise products those are listed in AppExchange, all of which are 5-star rated and well-suited to any industry. They started with their first product 'Encryptik', a Salesforce native data encryption solution. This application enables enterprises to secure their data in cipher format within the Salesforce database utilizing the highest encryption algorithm AES 256. Encryptik has been widely used in the financial industry along with other industries.

Looking at the growing importance of data in today's business and the challenges that Salesforce customers were facing while storing and managing files especially addressing the huge additional file storage cost, CEPTES shaped the idea of 'XfilesPro', their second product. XfilesPro is an external file storage solution that can be integrated with any cloud or local storage system. A user can choose any external storage system (Google Drive, S3, OneDrive, SFTP, SMB) outside of the Salesforce ecosystem. XfilesPro currently has a huge list of customers across the globe from various industries.

As the new oil in the global marketplace, the more data you have, the more insights you can derive from it. But a larger trove of data comes at a greater cost, and Salesforce data incurs plenty, which is why there is a need for big data to reduce storage cost. This is where CEPTES's third and their flagship product 'DataArchiva' came into the picture.
Harish Kumar, Co-Founder and Director
A Salesforce native application for structural data archiving, which is secure, scalable, and admin-friendly. DataArchiva has been recently listed in Gartner Market Guide and is Government Cloud ready. As the structured big datasets spanning various applications is growing, the importance of big data system has increased. This is where Big Object acts as a nearline repository which addresses cost considerations while offering an analytical solution. Industry-leading capabilities of DataArchiva will reduce Salesforce data storage cost, enhance application performance, integrate live and archived data, power a hassle-free archival & restore process, offer data usability and retention management and empower enterprises with a DIY data archiving approach.

After delivering 50+ complex integration projects globally, CEPTES is now an expert in accelerating digital transformation processes with advanced Salesforce products and solutions

With over 150+ customers, 200+ completed projects, 3 global offices, and close to 100 member team of Salesforce certified consultants, CEPTES has established themselves as a center of excellence in the arena since 2010 and is focused on nurturing a next-gen of Salesforce leaders, through a proposed Salesforce University concept. They recently joined the Pledge one percent movement, in order to give it back to the society by offering one percent of their product, profit and employee time. Looking forward to becoming a Salesforce gold partner, CEPTES has set its eyes on this year's Dreamforce event, where they are planning to present DataArchiva, aiming to bloom in the Salesforce ecosystem. By understanding the customer problem areas, CEPTES is targeting to position DataArchiva as the top enterprise solution for structured data archiving across the industries.


Santa Barbara, CA

Priya Ranjan Panigrahy, Co-Founder and Director and Harish Kumar, Co-Founder and Director

CEPTES offers a gamut of enterprise solutions for a wide range of industries to add real business value