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Joshua Skeens, CTO
In the past nine months, the world shifted from inter-personal to remote-virtual. Data took centre stage and VPNs catered it from source to node and everything in between. When such sensitive amounts of information carry with them such high stakes, cybersecurity should match the needs of the expanding network. The obvious next challenge is scaling it to the needs of a business, where does one start? This is an issue that has many CIOs scratching their heads for a comprehensive solution, considering how the damage related to cybercrime is projected to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021. Cybersecurity specialists Cerdant offer precisely that in the form of their cutting-edge network security solutions that are easy and affordable. Many organizations suffer data breaches due to gaps in skills, staffing and budget and Cerdant prides themselves on filling those gaps with a focus on service excellence. Regardless of the size and needs of the organization, Cerdant’s managed security solutions ease the burden of managing cybersecurity on their own. “As an experienced network security service provider, Cerdant delivers peace of mind that comes with world-class threat monitoring and response at a competitive price,” states Joshua Skeens, CTO of Cerdant.

The company started as a managed security services company (MSSP), providing security solutions for firewalls in the SMB space. Over the last 18 years, Cerdant has not only moved up market to include Large and Enterprise offerings, but they have also expanded their solutions to address the broader and constantly changing cybersecurity landscape.Cerdant understands that there is no silver bullet when it comes to securing an organization. With that key thought in mind Cerdant has continued to expand their capabilities to offer a suite of services that cover every layer of security for an organization to work towards a defense in depth framework.

“There are so many things that go into securing a business rather than just one application, one program that they can install or one piece of equipment that they can put in their environment that is going to keep them a hundred percent safe at all times. Security is a journey. It is not a destination. There is no magic wand. We need to be usinglayered defense tactics with detection as well.”

A major element of Cerdant’s Services Engine is their SentryXDR offering. Since almost day one, Cerdant has been providing a level of detection and response via their proprietary Sentry Intrusion Detection System.

As an experienced network security service provider, Cerdant delivers peace of mind that comes with world-class threat monitoring and response at a competitive price

SentryXDR expands on that original platform by leveraging powerful AI and Machine Learning driven SIEM technology along with the experience of their team of SOC analysts to deliver extended detection and response without the significant time and financial commitment that comes with deploying an in-house SIEM. It was important to Cerdant that the SentryXDR platform goes beyond using the log data, using simple analysis for correlating events and applying rules for data analysis. This would enable users to keep up with how cyberthreats continue to evolve. SentryXDR not only gives a 360 degree view of what is happening on a network, but delivers only the most actionable alerts in real time to greatly reduce the mean time to respond. “It's a big step forward for the industry because you want to be able to take action as quickly as possible.” Organizations and specific business verticals that are bound to compliance frameworks, find this offering particularly beneficial.

Currently, the company is experiencing a substantial increase in growth in terms of both revenue and increased workforce. Cerdant is very excited about rolling out their SentryXDR service to a larger audience, which they believe will be a game-changer for both their current customers and new customers alike. While the company looks forward to continuing to expand their range of services, they do so in line with their commitment to service excellence. “We are very laser focused on our customer base. We pride ourselves on being a customer service company that delivers cybersecurity solutions. That is a core Cerdant value and we are committed to keeping that promise as we continue to grow and expand our offerings.”

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Cerdant Brings Siem to the Masses With New Sentryxdr Service

In response to the increased demand for skilled IT resources and lack of technology affordability, Cerdant is offering organizations a new way to achieve comprehensive threat visibility.

Cerdant’s new SentryXDR is a Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service solution engineered to serve a much broader audience and deliver unprecedented value far beyond simply installing a SIEM. With the unique and powerful combination of AI and machine learning driven SIEM technology paired with Cerdant’s experienced analysts, SentryXDR delivers only the most relevant and actionable alertsin real-time. With this approach and correlation of data from across a network, internal IT resources are empowered with insights into threats that would otherwise go undetected.

“Many organizations fall short of achieving true threat visibility due to siloed log management solutions, costly and time-consuming infrastructure changes and limited and unspecialized staff, just to name a few,” says Joshua Skeens, CTO of Cerdant. “We are working to move clients beyond the traditional approach to build a comprehensive cybersecurity posture for any size organization.”

SentryXDR empowers people and technology to make sense of their data. With this innovative new service, organizations are able to efficiently identify potential risks and via advanced data correlation, leveraging machine learning analytics to take action. This unique service is especially beneficial for organizations who don’t have the time or financial resources to allocate to costly in-house IT teams.

Cerdant knows one size doesn’t fit all and designed several options to bring the benefits of aiSIEM technology to organizations of all sizes and budgets.

1. SentryXDR Edge- Firewalls are the gate for all traffic moving in and out of networks. SentryXDR Edge helps achieve increased threat visibility by analyzing and correlating logs produced by firewalls for both known, and unknown, threats and behavioral anomalies.

2. SentryXDR Insights - Move to the next level of visibility by analyzing additional sources of log data from networks. In addition to firewalls, Cerdant will identify two additional priority data sources to create a more comprehensive view of threats that would otherwise go unnoticed.

3. SentryXDR 360 - The only way to achieve full security threat visibility is to access and monitor the millions of events that are produced by all data sources on networks daily. From user endpoints to wireless APs to switches, Cerdant collects and correlate streams of data from all relevant sources to give clients a full 360-degree picture.

Watch this animation to learn more about SentryXDR and visit cerdant.com/sentryxdr to get started today.


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Joshua Skeens, CTO

Today's advanced networks allow businesses to share information with their employees, business partners and customers. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow businesses to leverage the power and cost advantages of the Internet. But with the advance of these systems and networks comes exposure to losses from viruses, hackers, spyware and other threats. Network performance and employee productivity is threatened by non-business Internet use