Cerno Technologies: Educating SMEs to Determine Top-Notch Cloud Services

Ray Priddle, Senior Executive
“The use of the word ‘Cerno’, meaning ‘decide’ or ‘examine’, was driven by our founder, Sanjay Chadha, reflecting on the need to have a clear understanding of both the possibilities, in a business context, and the practical and actual deployment of Cloud-based technologies,” explicates Ray Priddle, Senior Executive, Cerno Technologies. The Latin word essentially captures a part of what Cerno Technologies brings to their clients—a clear vision of what can be achieved after examining their needs and understanding what technologies can deliver.

Cerno mostly aims at educating the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on how they can use Cloud applications to meet their business challenges. Priddle believes that Cloud is of strategic importance to many SMEs. “There are two main reasons for this. The first relates to the maintenance and investment costs associated with keeping technology running, secure, and current.” Though these cost advantages have been well-documented, perhaps they are still to be fully appreciated by many small businesses. “Secondly, the Cloud can enable SMEs to work the way they need or want to, so that they can remain competitive,” he adds.

Generally, SMEs tend to have a higher percentage of workers with flexible working arrangements when compared with larger enterprises. Whether they need access to applications and data because they are essentially mobile, or they need to be available outside of typical office hours, the “anytime, anyplace, any device” advantages of the Cloud are of incredible importance. CernoTech’s Cloud offers the feasibility of accessing, sharing, and saving their clients’ data from anywhere and anytime, alleviating the threat of losing data. Customizing technology solutions, the company guides, determines, and implements the appropriate cloud-based services.

Furthermore, “one of our key investments is developing a pipeline of products that meet the needs of niche markets like real estate businesses, smaller construction firms, or small law practices,” says Priddle.

The Cloud can enable SMEs to work the way they need or want to, so that they can remain competitive

For instance, they are looking forward to launch a product for the legal market, LexRex, which has been designed to utilize the technology lawyers already possess. In a recent American Bar Association report, over 90 percent of lawyers use a smartphone. Interestingly, there are reports that suggest a very small percentage actually have a structured way for managing the calls they make or the emails that they produce on their phones. “We’ve designed our application to better utilize the smartphone as a primary business tool, rather than just having phone apps that can access and edit data from systems built years ago with the desk-based PC as the key business tool.”

Facilitating various stages of development for a wide range of markets, Cerno Tech implements a product development process that is focused on identifying spaces where the Cloud can bring real advantages. “We operate in a competitive and fast-changing environment and we recognize that there is an ongoing process of reinvention for the company.

We continually examine how our capabilities can be enhanced and repositioned to add value to our clients,” affirms Priddle. This, of course, must be done cost-effectively and using global resources to develop high-quality solutions that deliver value for money.
Cerno Tech aims at simplifying complex problems through their practical and easy-to-use technologies. Began as a mechanical engineer, who later went on to study philosophy, Priddle believes in developing effective and simple design to deliver elegant solutions that transform businesses’ applications and build their own cloud infrastructure.

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Ray Priddle, Senior Executive

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