Certa Consulting: Building the Future Today

Daniel Mark, Founding Partner, and COO
The technological advancements that were considered things of the future a couple of years ago are happening now. Digitalization coupled with agility became a central point of virtual meeting room discussions since the organizations realized that COVID-19 will stay. The executives who participated in the McKinsey Global Survey of Executives in July 2020 shared that their respective organizations have accelerated the digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions and their internal operations by three to four years. And there is an additional important piece of development in this aspect of digitalization. Large corporations, but also a steady growing number of SMBs are more focused on getting the minimum viable product (MVP) that helps them jump into the market as quickly as possible. “Nowadays, the first launch into production is just the starting point.” says Daniel Mark, Founding Partner, and COO, Certa Consulting. “That’s what our clients are understanding and have been educated that the software solution is not the end.” Like Salesforce, which has been evolving its platform to make it more customercentric for the past 21 years, one of its earliest partners, Certa Consulting, helps its clients to enjoy new functionalities and solutions in the shortest possible time, in order to accelerate client’s return of investment, through an agile set of mind

Founded by telecom veterans Javier Roldan and Daniel Mark, with offices in Latin America, USA and, very recently, Spain, Certa Consulting have been able to blend the business expertise of its founders and the technology expertise of Salesforce. The company has over 75 certified Salesforce employees who hold more than 140 certifications. Certa Consulting helps its clients to materialize the benefits of Salesforce, the worldwide software platform leader in building bridges between customers and business.

Since Certa’s founders are from a business background, the discussions with clients begin with their business objectives rather than the technical ones. This helps set up the outcome of reports or information that the client would like to see on the daily operations dashboard.

In one large project delivered to the main Argentine 4Play operator, our team has integrated over 95 legacies to the Salesforce solution and played a key role in the migration of client’s 25 million customer base

It allows the company to align the importance and the priority of the functionalities, to identify which integrations with other legacy systems should be build, and to draw the expected scope roadmap.

To achieve this, Certa Consulting employs a mix of graduated developers and seasoned IT experts in different types of IT environments and architectures. While the young engineers are born in the era of cloud technologies, the experienced engineers understand legacy IT architectures in which Salesforce will be integrated, managed large projects, dealt with enormous migration data, etc.. “The combination of young and experienced has proved to be very successful, especially for the large projects that deal with legacy systems,” says Mark. “In one large project delivered to the main Argentine 4Play operator, our team has integrated over 95 legacies to the Salesforce solution and played a key role in the migration of client’s 25 million customer base”

Perhaps this is the reason why Certa Consulting witnessed a dramatic increase in business despite the uncertainties posed by COVID-19. This has infused confidence to project even higher organic growth rates for the next three years. Certa Consulting already serves clients in the Americas and Europe. Such presence. coupled with the broad contact network the founders developed in their long standing careers, Certa Consulting certainly gained the right momentum with the right people to take the clients’ business on the path to be agile and remain competitive.

Certa Consulting

Buenos Aires, Argentina; Miami, Florida; Montevideo, Uruguay; Madrid, Spain

Daniel Mark, Founding Partner, and COO and Javier Roldán, Founding Partner, CEO

A professional services firm that applies the vast experience of its founding partners in Customer Relationship Management by leveraging Salesforce technology

Certa Consulting