Certain: Personalizing Events through SaaS

Peter Micciche, CEO
A man of vast experience and remarkable technological insight, Peter Micciche understands the important (and often untapped) role meetings and events play in the revenue cycle. “In order to ensure that the marketer is getting the return on investments from their events, the prerequisite is to make sure that the attendee has a great experience,” says Micciche, CEO, Certain.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Certain is an event management solution provider that facilitates modified and significant planning and attendee data collection for the events industry globally. The company develops and promotes solutions for successful events, rendered through SaaS to its clients. “Certain cater to the needs of both the event planner, as well as the marketer, by giving them a platform that combines requirements of attendees with the marketer’s interest,” asserts Micciche.

The company’s product suite includes an event management platform that enables their clients to manage all logistics and event planning; provide a personalized event experience for all attendees; collaborate all the information into a single profile for every individual attendee; collect interest-based data on attendee participation at the event; organize one-to-one meetings with attendees and sponsors for meaningful connections; access information via Smartphone and tablets; and connect all data collected from the event to leading CRM and marketing automation systems.

Certain’s solution differentiates attendees based on their interests and determines ideal content for them according to their preferences. Through polling attendees, Certain provides marketers insight into attendees’ exact interests, which helps them further target post event interactions for a more effective marketing and sales strategy.
“Our goal is to take the wealth of previously untapped data from events and enable marketers and sales teams to use it for more personalized follow up,” says Micciche.

“Certain is very different from its competitors, as we provide insight for marketers into what exactly individual attendees want. To achieve this, we step back and look at an event across the board. Certain is for all of those who are interested in accelerating revenue by creating a really personalized and tailored event for attendees,” he adds.

The solution provided by the company also includes personalized registration for accurate data collection. This feature tracks attendees’ experiences and assists companies in email marketing, finding suitable venues, and keeping track of digital touch points for more robust data collection.

The company has an impressive list of clientele, including Reed Exhibitions, IEEE and Sydney Swans among others. Reflecting Certain’s effectiveness is the success story of Bazaarvoice, a network that connects brands and retailers to the authentic voices of people. Certain provided a solution for Bazaarvoice to set up an event management platform that enabled them to integrate their marketing needs with event management needs. The solution helped the client determine attendees’ interests based on their experiences, and then automate the subsequent marketing activity by assigning various campaigns accordingly.

Going forward, Micciche envisions a bright future for the company’s platform-“Certain is a hardcore SaaS software and highly robust platform that can grow and scale according to the demands, while adding a customized marketing touch to it.”


San Francisco, CA

Peter Micciche, CEO

Providing project centric event management platform through SaaS software service that helps accelerate business.