Certified Security Solutions: Improving Digital Security with Software and Professional Services to Ensure Trusted Identification, Encryption and Assurance

Kevin von Keyserling, President & CEO
Companies big and small around the world are recognizing security challenges associated with protecting customer data and defending their own digital assets. In addition, trying to enable mobile workforces, BYOD, non-traditional Internet connected devices and systems (“Internet of Things”, IoT), big data, and emerging technologies while mitigating risk. However, there aren’t proven methods for securely authenticating emerging trends and technologies, which introduces risk and vulnerability.

Security is no longer just an IT issue. Security is an enterprise-wide necessity to safeguard internal and external assets. CIOs are keen to find solutions that ensure security, improve business operations, mitigate risk, and meet evolving regulatory requirements. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of proactive planning and budgeting to implement new security measures or to overhaul existing tools, policies, and processes.

As a company focused on improving enterprise and IoT security, CSS has a unique perspective on the shift from a reactive to proactive approach. “CIOs are increasingly fielding questions about asset security. The cost of an outage, breach, or malicious use of enterprise assets has CISOs, executives, insurers, risk managers, and boards asking if assets are secure—and how,” says Kevin von Keyserling, President and CEO, Certified Security Solutions (CSS).

“Proactive companies’ security measures are aligned more with the business to ensure a competitive advantage in protecting its customers and securing assets,” says von Keyserling. “While CSS continues to help companies navigate recovery to a secure state after a crisis, we continue to see organizations engaging in proactive security planning to avoid crises from the start,” continues von Keyserling. Many CIOs are in the process of reviewing current budgets and reprioritizing security infrastructure and tool investments as critical business needs, in addition to expanding their future security budgets.

The belief in making the cyber environment more secure drives CSS to provide solutions that optimize current digital identity-based technologies, enable the proliferation of cryptographically sound processes, and meet an organization’s need for high security assurance and sustained compliance.
The company’s core offerings are built around over a decade of expertise and experience in leveraging technology for the establishment of digital identity, allowing for scalable authentication of users, devices, signed data, as well as protection and encryption for sensitive communications.

Foreseeing the rise of security risks within enterprises and IoT, CSS offers software to manage trusted certificates across both markets. “We believe that every electronic device will have a network stack and therefore is going to transfer data. The transfer must be secured,” says von Keyserling. CSS provides solutions in three key segments: digital identity, data encryption, and digital signing. “When we engage with our clients, we perform security operations within the realm of identity and access management to help customers optimize infrastructure, enable mobile workforces, ensure mobile device and data integrity to assist with regulatory compliance,” states von Keyserling.

CSS’ Certificate Management System (CMS) software, used by over 60 Fortune 500 organizations, is designed to efficiently and cost-effectively manage trusted digital certificates with the highest level of assurance across the enterprise and IoT. CSS also offers Professional and Managed Services including the expertise to plan and implement a secure Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that can be maintained in-house, or managed and proactively reported on by CSS. CSS continues to remain the number one PKI deployment company in the world, offering fully-scalable certificate administration software and services used to ensure a sound enterprise infrastructure.

Kevin von Keyserling closes with, “In addition to more proactive security planning, we’re starting to see organizations that are developing new technologies approaching us early in their product development cycles for advice on trusted assurance to authenticate users, encrypt data, and offer digital signatures. Our goal is to provide secure communications between users and devices of any kind—to secure the Internet of Things.”

Certified Security Solutions

Cleveland, OH

Kevin von Keyserling, President & CEO

The belief in making the cyber environment more secure drives CSS to provide solutions that optimize current digital identity-based technologies, enable cryptographically sound processes, and meet assurance and compliance requirements.