Certify: Bringing Accounting and HR Systems Together

CIO VendorRobert Neveu, CEO Having an accounting system without an expense reporting system can make sharing of data a complex process. To reduce the intricacy of the process, Certify, a company based in Portland, ME, allows human resources and accounting systems to sync and speak directly with it, letting customers manage multiple systems through one easy-to-use solution.

Certify integrates with all the major accounting systems including Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards, Microsoft GP/Dynamics, PeopleSoft and NetSuite. “Whether data is being imported into Certify or exported to the accounting software system, the sharing of data between systems is accurate, consistent and secure. This can be automated or interactive, whichever method best suits our client’s requirements,” says Robert Neveu, CEO, Certify.

The company works directly with the credit card platforms, and with the issuing banks, to automatically receive corporate credit card data in Certify. “Certify maintains PCI compliance ensuring the clients, our compliance with the highest credit card industry standards for handling and storing credit card data,” says Neveu.
Certify has a fully defined integration that shares data with local QuickBooks product. With the click of a button, users can download accounts payable data directly into quickBooks, with complete linking of employees, vendors, expense categories, and departments between the systems.

Certify provides a standard data interchange service which makes it easy to share data with human resource systems, payroll platforms, banking and payment systems, and even CRM platforms. The Expense Management with Certify makes expense reports easy by automating the creation of the expense report for an employee, providing online review and approval process for managers, and streamlining the processing and reimbursement process for accountants. The company offers auto-generated expense reports with ReportExecutive—a cloud based and paperless expense management solution.

Certify’s cutting edge technology, ReceiptParse is a realtime, auto fill and extraction technology that extracts the data and fills in the expense fields. The cloud system places receipt images into a customer’s Certify Wallet, and automatically create their report.

Mobile apps are a perfect fit for expense reports as most expenses occur outside of the office. Using Certify Mobile, employees can take a photo of the receipt in their smartphone or camera-enabled tablet to turn it into an electronic receipt.
Employees of several companies want direct deposit for their expense reimbursements, so that they can get paid faster and have immediate access to their money. Certify’s ACH service takes care of this and allows the treasurer to log in, view reports if needed, and then authorize payment. Neveu expresses, “With the management software offered by Certify, it’s possible for employees to complete all the data entry necessary for logging expenditures in moments.”

Certify partners with top-tier data center and cloud hosting service providers like Intermedia and ControlScan to provide their services. Additionally, Certify uses VeriSign’s Extended Validation SSL certificates for transport layer encryption to pursue a stable security posture.

Going forward, Certify envisions creating a complete digitized and automated expense report technology for offices all across the U.S.

Whether data is being imported into Certify or exported to the accounting software system, the sharing of data between systems is accurate, consistent and secure


Portland, ME

Robert Neveu, CEO

Certify is a web-based travel and expense report management software provider.