Certus Solutions: Enhancing Operational Planning and Delivery

Maarten van der Zeyden, Solutions Director
Driven by modernization, phenomenal business transformation exercises are underway across most asset-centric industries. The challenges are similar and steered by operational efficiencies, and the need for agility and innovation. Asset owners are choosing to outsource the delivery of maintenance and construction work to introduce additional efficiencies and innovation by engaging with specialist service providers. The need is to deliver end-to-end process platforms that are both auditable and can extend beyond the corporate boundaries to include the activities of external product and service providers.

Certus's point of difference is the unique application framework which significantly reduces the delivery timeframe of digital and mobile technology projects to weeks

In response to these challenges, the Auckland-based Certus Solutions is crafting a range of solutions, which encompass information management, integration, mobile field service, and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). “We offer a uniquely powerful combination of technology and industry-specific consulting skills,” says Maarten van der Zeyden, Solutions Director, Certus Solutions.

Certus’s EAM practice is structured around the deployment of software solutions and cloud based platforms. This is supported by strong complementary solution streams that enable wider business outcomes including business analytics, cloud and enterprise integration, process transformation, and asset valuation/ depreciation management. Moreover, Certus’s proactive support and training programs ensure fast adoption by business users and ongoing high performance and reliability. The firm also proffers license optimization services designed to ensure that asset managers can manage the complex task of license entitlement and software deployment optimization.

For industries such as utilities and transport, with vastly distributed assets, the deployment of smart mobile technologies into operational processes plays a key role in enabling the transition to the 21st century.
“Certus’s point of difference is the unique application framework which significantly accelerates delivery of digital and mobile technology to weeks rather than months or years,” affirms van der Zeyden.

Certus is developing advanced analytic and mobility solutions that extend the core EAM functions to deliver performance insights that drive improved operational planning and delivery. The Certus field service management app, for instance, increases productivity and lowers the cost of field service management by eliminating inefficient paper-based processes.

The firm designs, develops, and integrates enterprise solutions based on a range of software components, implemented to address each customer’s unique business requirements and environment. As an IBM Premier Business Partner, and with the largest specialist team of certified professionals across the region, Certus represents a solid proposition for organizations looking for a full-service enterprise partner.

With a strong client portfolio across energy, utilities, transportation, production, education, health facilities, and service provider organizations, the company’s in-depth expertise help businesses achieve the transformation. For instance, a large electricity network operator in A/NZ, was facing operating constraints and customer reliability issues with their underlying legacy asset management systems. Certus’s objective was to support the operational and capital improvement program with a contemporary EAM solution deployment. “We implemented IBM’s Maximo, a comprehensive solution for managing physical assets on a common platform which resulted in on time/budget replacement of the legacy system with significant functionality enhancements,” says van der Zeyden. While providing strong integration with financial, spatial, and field management processes, the open and scalable platform could support emerging and future processes as well.

An ardent rugby fan, van der Zeyden believes that the tried and tested sporting strategy of best defense being complemented by a strong attack applies to enterprises as well, to get them over the advantage line. “We believe that as an incubator, our solution sets have a great potential in North America,” concludes van der Zeyden.

Certus Solutions

Auckland, New Zealand

Maarten van der Zeyden, Solutions Director

Provides analytic and mobility solutions that enhance enterprise asset management functions and empower businesses to make better decisions.