Cetan Corp: Supporting Strategic Business Mission through Cloud, Collaboration and Workload Automati

Brad Scott, President & CEO
After serving his nation with honor and distinction in the U.S. Army, Brad Scott decided to leverage the advanced leadership and technology skills that he cultivated during his stint at the military to help the commercial sector. He joined BMC Software, where he gained valuable expertise that equipped him to eventually launch Cetan Corp—an IT solutions provider specializing in cloud, collaboration and workload automation software and professional services. “The light bulb moment for me was realizing Microsoft Cloud as a game changer,” recalls Scott. “With Microsoft Cloud, we help clients balance their strategic business mission of growth, and support day to day business objectives by allowing them to get the most advanced cloud-based collaboration, software as service, and secure storage, which requires a fraction of the CAPEX that ‘old school’ physical IT infrastructure such as server and storage farms did,” he explains.

Headquartered in Chesapeake, VA, Cetan Corp provides insights to evaluate systems and processes. “Using proven software and business process innovations, we give our clients the power to soar,” says Scott. The two key offerings of the firm are cloud solutions, which empower clients to do business anywhere, anytime, and advanced CRM tools, which optimize the sales cycle from contact to close. Beginning with the planning stage,the company works in close partnership with their clients to clearly outline both the business and technical challenges that may be inhibiting performance. As they configure and install a tailored solution, the company’s Professional Services Consultants maintain a high level of oversight, ensuring that technical and process delivery is on point and that the client’s team is fully enabled and armed with the tools necessary to support the solution.

Cetan Corp solutions are used to consolidate disparate communications, scale the enterprise and maximize collaboration between multiple sites in the Microsoft cloud. For instance, consider the case of a leading environmental waste management solution provider. As the client experienced growth, their IT infrastructure needed a new strategic direction that would support rapid scalability and growth.
This was hindered by increased IT capital expenditures, limited internal IT expertise and issues with legacy email and hosting. In addition, the legacy Windows XP workstations and Windows 2003 servers added a high risk of network failure and reduced productivity.

Cetan Corp answered the call. The company thoroughly assessed Recycling and Disposal Solutions’ (RDS) business needs and designed a customized solution to align the client’s complex IT requirements with scalable resources. Cetan Corp upgraded RDS to new workstations and servers, and migrated their legacy hosted email system to a business grade email platform utilizingMicrosoft Exchange in the cloud through the migration to Office 365. Further, Cetan Corp transitioned RDS’ primary business application, EnCore, from an on-premise server to a hosted cloud solution. In order to facilitate faster troubleshooting and resolution, Cetan Corp provided documentation and a detailed Microsoft Visio drawing of the network. Ultimately, Cetan Corp served as a trusted advisor by delivering an IT solution that aligned with RDS’ business objectives, in a cost-effective manner.

With Microsoft Cloud, we can help clients balance their strategic business mission of growth and support day to day business objectives

“We are on a mission to rapidly and effectively solve complex business challenges using technology, integrity and talent to provide the highest levels of dedicated service and support; to drive innovation in our industry; and to serve as trusted advisors,” says Scott. Leveraging its position as a leading Microsoft Partner, Cetan Corp is planning to capitalize on its strengths in enterprise T Solutions architecture as it continues its forward momentum. “By leveraging our cloud infrastructure investments to increase capabilities and expand into new industries and sectors, we aim to increase our market share while continuing to exceed our clients’ expectations,” he concludes.

Cetan Corp

Chesapeake, VA

Brad Scott, President & CEO

An IT solutions provider specializing in cloud, collaboration and workload automation software and professional services