CG Visions: Providing BIM Consulting Solutions for Residential Building

David Bozell, President
Two decades ago, the construction industry ran on manual entries and spreadsheets; today they run on information modeling and management. David Bozell, President, CG Visions recognized some of the specific technology trends to solve the biggest problems in the construction sector. Bozell runs his company, relying on the hi-tech Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions, providing state-of-the-art digital services to empower progressive builders.

CG Visions holds a unique place in the residential market. It helps builders truly understand and embrace the idea of BIM,allowing clients to gain more than they could from the traditional 2D process of design and construction by using a 3D BIM buildable design that corroborates the constructability at early stages.“CG Visions is not just tied to any one BIM system. We evaluate the business processes through multiple BIM solutions and offer builders our suggestions on what we think they should use,” says Bozell.

CG Visions offers software development tools including eHome, BIM Pipeline, X-Ray and Quick Start that meet the unique needs of the residential builders. eHome is a web-based flex floor plan configurator that allows potential home buyers to run different design scenarios creating the spark required to pull those e-leads into a face-to-face meeting with sales staff. The BIM Pipeline allows builders to link their existing 3D designs to a more dynamic and efficient estimating process. It is a web-based, rules-driven material management and estimation system that utilizes BIM data to directly drive detailed take-offs and leverages BIM data to create full master plan estimates.

With the help of its solutions, CG Visions has conveyed enhancements and numerous capabilities to its customers. The success story of Logan Homes is a case in point. Logan Homes, a premier home-builder, was using variety of solutions and implementing obsolete 2D plans. D.Logan, President of Logan Homes realized that they needed to move to 3D BIM-CAD-based building information modeling. Logan Homes used CG Vision’s BIM Pipeline to function as an additional software layer and it helped them to translate BIM data into a usable form.
“With this approach, we were able to stop a proliferation of plan sets from running into thousands and gain control over the equally confusing proliferation of option scenarios in our estimating system which was running into the tens of thousands,” explains D.Logan, President, Logan Homes.

“CG Visions is avidly curious and seeks to work with the builder to find them solutions today that will best position them for growth tomorrow,” says Bozell. A key home builder account for CG Visions was leaning heavily on the professional services division to keep up with their operational construction document requirements. Most of the communication was via phone and email with various attachments—customers’ sketches, and .pdf files—from sales representatives in the field, printed from a front-end sales system. The information was disorganized and caused too much delay and confusion. CG Visions inquired about the existing capabilities of the firmly entrenched front-end sales system and discovered its ability to save customer contracts in a variety of different formats—not just a .pdf as the previous workflow suggested. Now the builder simply saves the customer contract as an .xml file (in-lieu-of a .pdf) and uses that .xml as a initializer file in the Pipeline Starts Configurator.

CG Visions is a full one-stop-shop for builders to help get technology into their business processes

Going forward, CG Visions aims to partner with other leading technology providers to offer its solutions. “We help residential builders across the nation understand and adapt to new technologies allowing them to realize savings and efficiencies through BIM. In the U.S., we will persist to push our technology forward to allow the builders to continually achieve operational facilities from our solutions,” concludes David.

CG Visions

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David Bozell, President

A provider of BIM consulting services for the building industry that allows companies to streamline their processes and utilize the BIM model in all aspects of their business