ChainArtSoft: The Rise of Blockchain-Based Decentralized Apps

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Pavel Martynov, CEO
The internet is a great medium to collaborate and communicate. However, it is deeply flawed when it comes to commerce and privacy. Enter, Blockchain, a distributed ledger that has the capability to preserve users’ information anonymously and maintain a permanent public record of all transactions. Simultaneously, organizations are taking advantage of Blockchain for developing decentralized apps (DApps), which is a piece of computer software with a backend code running on a decentralized peer to peer network. One among the pioneers in the development of DApps, ChainArtSoft, is setting a benchmark with its software development team with a proficient track record in blockchain development and production level software solutions. Solving complexities with their unique offerings have always been the expertise of ChainArtSoft.

ChainArtSoft focuses on developing practical solutions that are adaptable to the specific needs of its customers. The company aims at providing complete transparency of its development process, including the ability to control its programming team as well as the budget. Among its core competencies, developing DApps takes the pole position. Unlike other applications, DApps uses blockchain on the backend and manages data without relying on a centralized system. DApps uses libraries for transaction signing and broadcasting, which makes it impossible for hackers to. Moving forward, software development is ChainArtSoft’s biggest strengths, and its programmers are always available and ready for any collaboration at any stage on the company’s product development lifecycle. It continually engages in research and development to pick up programming language such as JS, Python, C# and other as per the need of the individual projects, ensuring quick server responses along with the overall sustainability of their framework.

At the core, ChainArtSoft provides everything from a complex distributed system to a simple backend with specific features; the company focuses on providing all functionalities that the client demands. Building a personalized website is the right path for achieving the desired results, and therefore, ChainArtSoft specializes in creating compelling, and cutting-edge.

Our values such as respect, reliability and responsibility are reflected in our work and makes us grow bigger and bigger

The company develops products following a customer-oriented approach and analyzing the best option for the varied needs of the client’s businesses. That’s not all; ChainArtSoft has vast expertise in writing blockchain smart contracts on Ethereum, EOS, and TRON.

Blockchain has entered a variety of business niches, and it requires a certain level of expertise to start a project in this vertical. To provide their clients with world-class services, ChainArtSoft thoroughly evaluates a blockchain project and provides the right guidance and strategic advice for the problem they are trying to solve. The company offers consultation and support to help their clients implement ideal solutions that would upscale their business. “Our values such as respect, reliability, and responsibility are reflected through our work, allowing us to grow bigger and better,” says Pavel Martynov, CEO of ChainArtSoft. ChainArtSoft acknowledges that the mobile app development is gargantuan in size, with masses using their handheld devices daily for a myriad of tasks. Hence, ChainArtSoft uses Xamarin, a cross-platform framework that lets the company create a single app for both iOS and Andriod. The process helps ChainArtSoft develop apps that are more affordable, as it is easier to implement 80 percent of the logic once and reuse it across multiple platforms. Further, the development process is faster as the developers don’t have to use multiple program languages for different platforms.

Besides its technological prowess, the real strength of ChainArtSoft lies in their team, which comprises of developers from all corners of the industry. The company expands the list of technologies they work with to cover their client’s software development needs.


Minsk, Belarus

Pavel Martynov, CEO

ChainArtSoft provide the maximum transparency of the development process, including an opportunity to control the programming team and the budget