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Lisa Marks-Canty, CEO
Blockchain has been touted as an exemplary choice for a host of problems. Yet, when it comes to improving business efficiency, a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration before implementing it. Oftentimes organizations have to discern whether blockchain will be the ideal choice and deliver the optimum advantage within their business framework. As organizations weigh the pros and cons of embarking on a blockchain journey, there arises a definite need for a management consulting and strategy expert. This expertise will assist in determining how, when, and where blockchain technology can be used to bring about a transformational change in a business or an organization’s infrastructure. ChainNinja, a blockchain strategy and innovation center, accentuates the application of blockchain technology to ensure efficient business management.

“We focus mainly on business over technology and aim specifically at ensuring that the clients are provided with what they need,” states Lisa Marks-Canty, CEO of ChainNinja. Unlike the usual technological outputs that might be vertical specific, what sets ChainNinja apart is their use case specific feature wherein their solutions are used across different verticals or sectors. For example, in a supply chain use case, ChainNinja merged the digital and physical world using microchips and machine learning, leveling the playing field for suppliers by providing automation and saving time and operational costs.

In order to develop solutions as per client requirements, ChainNinja follows a solid chain framework obtained from assessing a set of observations. An overall assessment of the business process is done by understanding key areas of concern in the organization, the technology stack that it follows, and its infrastructure. On successfully doing so, the organization is further educated on the features of blockchain and provided with specific use cases that could be applied in their infrastructure but Lisa mentions that this is not the final solution.

The next step includes a thorough study of the various parameters of the organization such as the inefficiencies, architecture consumption model, change management process, social culture, business proposal, and the road map to obtain a better picture.

We are able to cater to specific customers that are IBM centric utilizing the different services that IBM offers to provide our clients with more robust solutions

Following this, a specific high-level solution is proposed from the information gathered to increase the revenue and make the organization’s applications more robust using blockchain. “In order to use a specific technology that we have created, we are careful not to overengineer,” states Lisa.

ChainNinja’s partnership with IBM has further bolstered its ability to provide services and solutions to the customers using blockchain because of its plug and play feature. While catering to the demands of the framework that needs to be developed by making use of Hyperledgers, incorporating IoT, AI, or machine learning, ChainNinja deploys to various cloud platforms, infrastructures or physical servers at IBM Cloud. Lisa points out the similarity between IBM’s methodology and that of ChainNinja in building their blockchain innovation center and the way it has helped them in designing as per customer specifications. “We are able to cater to specific customers that are IBM centric utilizing the different services that IBM offers to provide our clients with more robust solutions.”

Aimed at using blockchain for social good, ChainNinja plans to venture into the public and nonprofit sector starting with a major initiative in Cleveland, Ohio. The company has acquired the organization, Protocol that will function as its product company and powered by ChainNinja. With a fully functional development center in India, ChainNinja’s plans for the year include opening a center in Ireland.


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Lisa Marks-Canty, CEO

ChainNinja delivers custom end-to-end blockchain solutions and makes the transformation easy and painless for its clients