Champion Solutions Group: Fortifying the Security Posture

Chris Pyle, President and CEO
Security threats and vectors are in a constant state of evolution. With attackers growing more proficient day by day, businesses are placing an impetus on ensuring a security posture that is aligned to handle ever-escalating and evolving security threats. To address this need, Champion Solutions Group, partners with Symantec and recommends world-class infrastructure security solutions to not only overcome the security threats, but also rapidly detect and block any out-of-band network and activity behaviors and remediate them on the spot.

Initially, when a client partners with Champion Solutions Group to secure their entire IT operation, the firm does a full assessment from network evaluation to accounting for every endpoint security across their enterprise and mobile environments. By leveraging a range of advanced applications, the firm’s security experts gather real-time insights on data storage, network configuration and more. The firm also provides an accurate, customized map of the organization’s security risks–and recommends the solutions and strategies needed to close the loop and build reliable, impenetrable security.

Champion’s approach to security involves taking a close look at the client’s organization and their unique business processes and identifying how to help them operate more efficiently and securely. Champion’s experts will also back their processes and policies with the latest tools from the leaders in security products and services, delivering 24/7 customized solutions that are centered on their unique business needs.

Today, most organizations depend wholly on web-based software and systems to run their business processes, conduct transactions with suppliers, and deliver best-in-class services to their customers. Designed to help security teams test and audit web applications in the development and production phase, Champion recommends implementing their Application Security technology. The firm delivers easy-to start Proof of Concept (POC) service to clients to identify their web application vulnerabilities and generate results through comprehensive scanning coverage.

Our mandate is to help clients protect their assets, achieve compliance and reduce the risk of serious damage caused by hackers

Champion’s Application Security solutions have the ability to combine advanced dynamic and innovative hybrid analyses of glass-box testing with static taint analysis for superior accuracy.

Champion’s security experts assist each client to identify anomalies with a Defense in Depth approach to security. Combined with an endpoint management system along with ZERO-day virus and malware protection, the firm’s security solutions scan end-points and overall wire data for clients, and provide insights to spot out the risks and wrongdoings, without hampering network performance. In one instance, a university was repeatedly hit with ransomware attacks. Champion’s dedicated security experts implemented a combined endpoint management system, along with ZERO-day virus and malware protection to strategically evaluate the university’s processes and infrastructure. As a result, the entire system in the universities functioned efficiently with their success rate skyrocketing above 80 percent with fewer malware and ransomware outbreaks.

Champion has over three decades of deep expertise in serving global customers across sectors—from healthcare to financial sectors—with a highly scalable and cost effective infrastructure security solution.“We truly employ a dedicated group of individuals—who are empowered and encouraged to build trusted partnerships with peers, clients and vendors,” extols Chris Pyle, President and CEO of Champion Solutions Group. “Our mandate is to help clients protect their assets, achieve compliance and reduce the risk of serious damage caused by hackers.”

Forging ahead, the firm has also plans to improve the bottom-line of its clients by bringing in more innovations and embedding latest technology in its infrastructure security solutions to help companies in lock down networks crisis.

Champion Solutions Group

Boca Raton, FL

Chris Pyle, President and CEO

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