CHAMPS Analytics: Driving Business Performance to a Higher Level

Chuck Patel, President
As customer expectations continue to rise, organizations have shifted their focus on delivering better quality customer service by harnessing new technologies to optimize performance and reduce costs. Since contact centers deal with large volumes of data this can be quite challenging. “It is imperative to consolidate data and optimize work force performance,” begins Chuck Patel, President, CHAMPS Analytics. To help contact centers enhance their operational efficiency, CHAMPS Analytics provides Call Center Analytics solutions which enable contact centers to manage their process and metrics of their calls, to better serve their client and achieve high customer satisfaction while driving revenues and lowering costs.

“Our Call Center Analytics solution provides many interactive dashboards to monitor and improve performance,” states Patel. The real-time dashboard views consolidate the systems and locations data into a single view for in-depth analysis and spot trends that may need immediate attention. “One dashboard in particular, reviews the results of coaching sessions and provides hourly analytics of each agent,” says Patel. The dashboards allow a coach to monitor the performance of the agent by using a mobile device. Having a mobile solution allows team leaders to quickly provide in person feedback in real time to improve performance and correct certain behaviors.

In addition, financial metrics and in-house shrinkage analytics for the entire call center organization is critical for business’ success. “Our solution gives the Team Leaders access to the financial performance of their team,” illuminates Patel. The solution allows Team leaders to see their performance from revenues and cost to focus on attaining certain goals and metrics that are defined for them. “By implementing our shrinkage analytics app, one of our clients improved their bottom line performance by over $250k in the first year,” says Patel. The transparency provided by CHAMPS Analytics’ solutions allows Contact Centers to be more proactive in driving positive change for the organization and move towards greater maturity around reporting, metrics and monitoring.
“Our solution also integrates seamlessly with Avaya communication products and collaboration solutions,” says Patel. Besides, Call Center Analytics provides greater client value by— decreasing operating costs, improving call performance, increasing sales productivity, and creating better customer relationships.
CHAMPS Analytics allows customers to gain insights that lead to intelligent and actionable business impacting decision making. The company invests in leveraging the right technology and partnerships to build optimized solutions that deliver enhanced capabilities for the customers.

In contrast to its competitors in the market, CHAMPS Analytics has over 40 years of experience deploying enterprise software solutions. “Throughout these years we have built strong relationships with our customers and offered solutions that meet their exact needs,” asserts Patel. “One of our customers in the BPO industry generated thousands of KPI analysis reports using ungoverned data— manual extracts created by different people with no standard metrics to look across the entire business.”

Analytics solution provides many interactive dashboards to monitor and improve performance

CHAMPS Analytics provided the governed data wherein the metrics and the KPIs were calculated centrally and logically. The client started making decisions based on common principles, values, terminology, and definitions for KPIs across the entire business. Subsequently, CHAMPS Analytics provided a clear picture about the performance of the BPO. “Our clients typically receive the ROI for our solutions in less than four to six months. Very few vendors can say this about their technology solutions,” says Patel.

CHAMPS Analytics

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Chuck Patel, President

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