Change Dynamix: A New Dimension for Cybersecurity

Robert Capinjola, Founder & CEO
Despite the implementation of next-gen firewalls and other technologies in enterprises, cyber threats have matured to continually change and evade detection. With the unprecedented rise of business data and organizational change, existing cyber threat detection solutions lack the capacity as well as the coverage to constantly monitor every movement. Endeavoring to remodel traditional threat detection systems, Change Dynamix brings a new dimension to cybersecurity and risk intelligence with its unique behavioral analytics technology.

According to Robert Capinjola, founder and CEO of Change Dynamix, “Scrutinizing anomalies in user or entity behavior is the only accurate way to track malicious or suspicious behavior within a system.” While hackers can find numerous intrusion techniques to gain access to a system, what they can’t replicate is behavioral characteristics. Change Dynamix is built to understand and detect those subtle changes in behaviors; an approach that Capinjola firmly asserts shall “stand the test of time.” With the sophistication of Change Dynamix to capture every behavior, companies can get alerted to risk events of interest in less than a minute. Its ability to index and analyze all anomalies, historical and current, uncovers cyber threats that others miss.

Security teams in most companies are understaffed, which, when combined with existing threat monitoring technologies that are hampered by inaccurate data, decreases their effectiveness. From numerous client interactions, Capinjola notes that organizations seek solutions that are not just advanced, but work seamlessly without requiring “heavy lifting and constant care and feeding.”

One of Change Dynamix’s clients, a global automotive supplier, had a small security team and was looking to streamline its security management and threat detection at a reasonable cost. The company had been a victim of two cyberattacks and so required more in-depth visibility of both internal as well as external parameters.

Focusing on user-context and entity behavior is the only accurate way to detect both internal and external threats

Once Change Dynamix’s behavioral analytics platform was in production, the client started to witness multiple internal issues that it had never fathomed earlier.

The success behind any analytics platform is dependent upon data quality. Steering along the same lines, Change Dynamix has a unique data collection methodology to source their own data as opposed to relying on third-party data or security logs. The platform then analyzes “active baselines” across the organization; systems, cloud services, applications, networks, and spiraling all the way to user data. Change Dynamix’s threat detection engine then comprehends not just “normal versus abnormal” but with multi-contextual analysis is able to elevate true risk events and threats. Capinjola states, “Since our solution platform solely focuses on understanding behavioral change, we are able to track even the long-enduring cyberattacks that take place over a period of six to eight months.”

Though Change Dynamix’s current focus is on the U.S. market, many of their clients are international in scope. Hence, the firm is constantly on a mission to architect its SaaS platform to meet the compliance demands and cyber laws for different countries and offer services worldwide. The firm’s focus for the future is to continue to improve security operations for organizations of all sizes and provide services that allow them to make the most of their limited resources. This includes enhancements that allow for the orchestration of remediation activities and enhanced features for automating data classification and security policies.

Change Dynamix

Royal Oak, MI

Robert Capinjola, Founder & CEO

A SaaS-based risk analytics platform for user and entity behavior powering cyber threat detection

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