Channel Rocket: Sales Acceleration Platform for Improved Business Outcomes

In this ever changing business world, vendors are compelled to find new techniques to engage buyers in a unique way. Organizations today are implementing newer marketing strategies to generate and capture consumer interest in a product or service to develop a cumulative sales pipeline. However, statistics reveal that nine out of ten leads fail to make an impact on the buyer, as the sales representative often fails to deliver a compelling and relevant conversation around a particular product or solution to convert the prospective lead into a sale. “The biggest issue around sales support for sales reps today is content overload. These reps are selling multiple vendors and solutions everyday and do not have time to painstakingly sift through each vendors sales portal to find something specific that can help them sell their solutions. The sales representative needs to quickly identify relevant content about products and solutions, to have an educated conversation with buyer personas,” says Greg Sherrill, CEO and Co-Founder, Channel Rocket. With the sole purpose to address this challenge is Channel Rocket—a sales acceleration platform for sales executives. “At Channel Rocket, we provide the required information that allows sales executives to articulate the value of the solution to any buyer,” he adds.

Another challenge that sales reps face is the ability to make a connection with the executive buyer–another type of persona that is captured in Channel Rocket. Channel Rocket’s ability to decipher only the collateral that meets the present conversation requirements brings the solution to the forefront for a quicker sale with executive sponsorship.

Channel Rocket, a SaaS-based platform that can be easily accessed from any mobile device helps sales reps maximize the potential of opportunities by providing key information that provides custom content on why a buyer should opt for a particular solution. Sales reps can filter content by product, problem, audience, and industry vertical. “Channel Rocket takes all of the content that lives in vendor sales portals and training materials and breaks it down into just the nuggets of information that the sales reps need to have an educated conversation. We provide related information according to the interest of the buyer, in order to get the hook in the conversation,” says Sherrill.

At Channel Rocket, we provide the required information that allows sales executives to articulate the value of the solution to any buyer

The cornerstone of Channel Rocket is to provide value-based content that resonates with each client’s needs. This helps Sales executives (whether vendor or reseller) to maximize their potential on each and every opportunity to provide continued growth in revenue. The company differentiates itself with its ability to sort data that is available to the sales representatives by providing relevant information for timely discussion. “We are a perfect compliment through our online and mobile platform as we bring the most appropriate content from the portal to the forefront for discussion,” says Sherrill.

The company also plans to launch a product that generates predefined ‘Business Outcomes’ that would help sales representatives with more consultative types of solutions. “This solution would allow the sales reps to ask a set of questions based on their clients’ business needs that may warrant complex analysis of technology, processes, and organization,” he adds. “Based on the responses, a simple report is generated that can reveal the most effective solutions that can address those business required outcomes,” he concludes.

With big banner clients from the Fortune 500, Channel Rocket aims to constantly innovate its platforms to provide more value for sales executives. The company also plans on releasing more new powerful and intelligent products designed specifically for solution providers in Q2.

Channel Rocket

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