Channelinsight: Offering Cloud-Based Channel Data Management Solutions

Robert Smith, CEO Channel sales organizations are under pressure as they are experiencing high competition and fragmented spans. There is a need to adapt to new products or pursue novel selling methods in a limited time. Also, businesses with complex and multi-tiered sales channels face the challenge of helping their channel partners bring products more effectively to the market.

At the same time, enterprises are under pressure to support the sales channel with easy to deploy, high impact and cost effective programs that help the channel engage customers, communicate benefits and facilitate sales.

Coming to the aid of such firms is Channelinsight, a provider of a complete cloudbased Channel DataManagement solution.
Founded in 2007, Channelinsight sells cloud applications that incorporate a directory of information representing over 10,000 distributors, resellers, VARs, VADs, OEM’s, brokers and manufacturing representatives. Channelinsight can be integrated directly with Salesforce instances and delivers cleansed and enhanced channel information to Sales, Marketing and Finance teams, providing real-time visibility to channel sales and inventory data.Abreast of the expanding and growing market, the company processes over $100 billion in channel point-of-sale transactions annually for about 25 customers globally.

Enabling Readable Format of Raw Data

Channelinsight’s cloud application automates the data collection process for channel point- of-sale, inventory and sales-in data using their PartnerConnect™portal. Channelinsight’s Submission Scheduler keeps track of all submission schedules, making it easy for reporting partners to consistently report their data on time. “We collect the data in any format, in any condition and through multiple connectors from tens of thousands of partners daily.” says Robert Smith, CEO of Channelinsight. “The data then goes through complex processing, which is protected by four patents for data matching, cleansing, enhancement, and sophisticated learning algorithms.
Our software allows channel executives to spend less time managing their data and more time analyzing channel information.“

The company has a global clientele that includesHoneywell, AMD, TE Connectivity, and Fairchild. The firm also operates 7x24x365 customer service centers collecting data from distributors, resellers, brokers and other manufacturing reps in real time. Today most of Channelinsight’s customers are reliant on on its solutions to manage channel sales, recognize revenue sooner, pay incentives, discounts and spiffs more accurately and track inventory.

For organizations that use Salesforce, Channelinsight’s customerscan view their channel sales information in the same user interface that they view their direct sales in. Companies who sell through the channel will always need an application to manage those sales and Channelinsight offersa cloud-based, low-cost, partner-friendly and easy-to-implement application to help them manage their channel growth.


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Robert Smith, CEO

A provider of a complete cloud-basedChannelData Management solution for companies looking to manage their channel sales.