Charter Telecom: Holistic Approach for Business Value Addition

Kelly Michell, President
In the IT infrastructure arena, CIOs commune over building new capabilities to ensure security and scalability of networks, but at a lower total cost of ownership,” apprises Kelly Michell, President of Charter Telecom. The statement of Michell manifests the added dimension to the extensive list of concerns overwhelming CIO’s in today’s world. IT leaderships center their infrastructure policies on adding business value and ensuring return on investments. In-depth knowledge of enterprise needs and technological trends, endues Victoria, Canada based Charter Telecom to orient the processes of building and maintaining communication networks and data center infrastructure, towards value addition.

In its pursuit to offer comprehensive services and solutions, Charter dwells on market insights and analyzes project requirements from a business perspective, to design solutions that minimize the investment in deployment and management. Architects from Charter collaborate with the client’s engineering team to map the intricacies in solution development and perform need analysis. The collaboration helps Charter to deliver high performance enterprise solutions and provide services for the design and management of large data centers as well as campus LAN networks that are capable to grow with their clients’ needs. “Our knowledge, understanding, and team of experienced professionals assist in ascertaining current infrastructure requirements as well as forecast future needs for the clients,” says Michell. In one of the instances, a large university sought a multi-campus network refresh. Charter designed and built the networks at its in-house laboratory and delivered the services according to the client requirement to ameliorate the network performance. The firm ensured uninterrupted network performance while the refresh was in progress.

Charter’s network of manufacturers and distribution partners are a key factor in the supply of devices and products and instrumental in attaining project deadlines. Charter’s architects and engineers-involved in pre-development stages, also participate in post implementation phase to ensure the needs and expectations of the client are met throughout the project. The firm’s network-operating centers’-intimacy with the clients solution and business needs ensures continued network performance and customer satisfaction.

Every day, we challenge ourselves to innovate and explore new ways to add business value for our customers and manufacturing partners

In an implementation highlight, a large telecommunication company could not economically manage remote network infrastructure due to the remote locations of the technology closets. Charter de-signed and delivered a solution to access and manage the equipment remotely and constrain onsite intervention. The implemented solution has delivered a more affordable and responsive management of their network. To create success stories akin to the large telecommunication company, Charter has partnered with Cisco, Juniper, Avaya, and Palo Alto to discern the technologies and design best-of-breed solutions for the clients. To help drive the innovation process, the firm mines data from on-going projects and seeks more information regarding business challenges from the clients. “Customer feedback is relayed by our engineers and sales team to align our innovations with in-field customer challenges,” says Michell.

“From being a significant player in Western Canada to setting a nationwide footprint, we have traversed a great trajectory in terms of growth,” states Michell. Charter looks forward to leverage new technologies like IoT and vies the connected devices arena as a new growth opportunity. Charter has acquired Boardwalk Communications to fortify its Cisco solutions implementation capabilities. From acquisitions to partnerships, Charter’s ‘Customer First’ principle can be evinced and the fundamental motivates the firm to be more innovative. “Every day, we challenge ourselves to innovate and explore new ways to add business value for our customers and manufacturing partners,” concludes Michell.

Charter Telecom

Victoria, Canada

Kelly Michell, President

Provides services to build, maintain, and operate high performance communications networks and data center infrastructures

Charter Telecom