Chartis Consulting: Mission Based Technology Consulting to Optimize Capabilities and Cut Costs

Brian Creswick, Owner & COO And Nick McCarter, Owner & CEO
Chartis Consulting is a small business based in Falls Church, Virginia with project offices in the surrounding Washington D.C metropolitan area. Since its inception in 2008, Chartis has helped federal organizations use technology to achieve new mission capabilities, improve operations, and substantially reduce costs. The company helps its clients transform business programs with enterprise applications and managed services; streamline back-end data centers and infrastructure using high-performance technologies and hosted cloud solutions; and enable front-line officers, agents, and field personnel with secure tactical communications and mobile computing capabilities.

In the early 2000s, many federal agencies experienced year-over-year budget increases that fueled large technology transformation programs. By 2008, budgets stabilized and technology implementations with costly operations and maintenance requirements forced organizations to deprioritize new initiatives in order to keep their current programs afloat. Having supported some of the largest government agencies and technology systems, Chartis solidified its reputation by offering practical advice and supplementing its technical solutions with life cycle cost considerations.

“We help our clients engineer every solution with immense forethought on the long-term viability of the underlying technology with its associated cost realities. Optimal solutions that drive efficiencies are paramount in a budget constrained environment,” says Brian Creswick, Chief Operating Officer at Chartis.

From its initial focus in management consulting, Chartis has diversified over time to provide technical engineering, implementation, and operations expertise. The company differentiates itself with skilled staff having diverse exposure to the primary stakeholders for federal transformation initiatives – mission / business leadership, CIO and CTO executives, and the CFO. Chartis also invests in its staff, emphasizing the importance of advanced technical training and management qualifications.
“Today, our staff is helping the federal government solve some of its most complex problems”, notes Creswick. “The expansion of managed application services, Big Data, and mobile computing are changing the way agencies think about improving their performance. IT organizations are looking to cloud-based solutions to help them ‘do more with less’. And events like Hurricane Sandy and the Boston Bombing have our public safety and law enforcement clients evaluating ways to enhance communications coverage and interoperability among federal, state, and local resources.”

Chartis focuses on putting the interests of its clients first, the results of which have helped these clients earn industry recognition for their efforts and impact on their organizations. One Chartis client earned a Data Center Award in 2012 from industry and government peers for optimizing data center infrastructure and reducing associated annual costs from ~$107 million to ~$55 million. Another Chartis client earned a Government Leadership Award in 2013 for their role in IT Transformation within their Department. In both instances, Chartis helped the client control dynamic requirements from various stakeholders, address the growing demands on their organizations, and collaborate with others to engineer shared technology solutions.

Moving forward, the Chartis roadmap centers on maintaining quality services for its current clients while, sharing its experiences and solutions with other public sector segments. “As a small business, we are inherently based in only a subset of the federal government’s mission,” said Creswick. “That said, we have had tremendous success and are continually seeking out opportunities to share our experiences with others at the federal, state, and local level. We have also been fortunate to establish the company as a leader in technical disciplines with extreme relevance these days, including interoperable tactical communications and advanced wireless security engineering. We look forward to sharing these capabilities with federal defense and intelligence communities in the coming years.”

Chartis Consulting

Falls Church, VA

Brian Creswick, Owner & COO And Nick McCarter, Owner & CEO

Chartis implements business systems modernize tactical communications and transform data centers delivering cost reductions for U.S. government