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Ernie Cote, CEO
In the game of business and the race for profitability and productivity, companies require uninterrupted and timely access to accurate and relevant data. In recent times, a majority of customers seeking chemical and pharmaceutical products and materials prefer to know if the manufacturers and suppliers have good manufacturing practices, ISO and environmental certificates. These factors have triggered the need for nimble technology solutions to enable easy access to relevant information to customers who are looking for chemical products. Chemical Information Services (ChemicalInfo), one of the trusted providers of accurate information for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry helps integrate buyers and sellers and helps them avoid the hassles of churning out important data from Google or by word of mouth. Launched 40 years ago with the philosophy of making available basic contact information for chemical companies, ChemicalInfo has evolved from a four inch thick directory to a database service. Its Directory of World Chemical Producers (DWCP) is an extensive database of producers of chemical raw materials. The DWCP has played an indispensible role in gathering the acclaim and trust of more than 2,000 subscribers from across the world.

ChemicalInfo’s PathFinder and FinishedForms are unique sales and marketing tools that help assess new business prospects, customers and potential users of intermediates. “PathFinder helps chemical producers find new customers and quickly grow their revenue by pointing them to new users of the chemicals they produce and sell,” says Ernie Cote, CEO, ChemicalInfo. Furthermore, PathFinder includes PIERS import/export data and patent information, giving a picture of the current market. With the multitude of relevant facts, both producers and subscribers using PathFinder can figure out how to navigate into new markets and gauge the capacity they are prospecting with.

ChemicalInfo has also invested in an intelligent data interface to equip their system to ingest the endless data inflow and provide their subscribers a higher degree of searchability. This reduces effort and time spent on investigating information and gives more time for data validation.
Unlike its competitors, the veracity of information on companies and chemical suppliers offered by ChemicalInfo is one of its key distinguishing factors.

“Companies merge, move and change their product offerings, and people move around companies and within the industry. So it is impossible for any online service to be 100 percent accurate, 100 percent of the time. In our service, we have a ‘Request Research’ button on every page of our website for all chemicals and producers listed in the database. So, what our subscribers have is not just a SaaS-based information tool, but a whole team of researchers to provide our subscribers the highest possible data accuracy in an ever-changing market,” Cote mentions.

Undeniably, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is a highly mercurial arena where data management alone may not suffice the endless requirements of chemical companies and suppliers. “We have to move and act really quick to keep up with the changes the industry undergoes and be on our toes to integrate our subscribers with necessary data,” remarks Cote. “We are constantly evolving, hiring, learning and researching with our teams across the globe,” he adds, referring to how ChemicalInfo manages to retain a strong relation with its customers. “Nearly 90 percent of subscribers renew their subscription year after year and the average length of our customer relationship is 11 years. Nearly 20 percent of our customers have been with us over 20 years,” he adds.

With PathFinder, our subscribers quickly find potential users of intermediates, acquire new leads and get a clear picture of the global market for the materials they sell

ChemicalInfo is on a quest to expand its global footprint in 2015, particularly in Latin American countries. The company is en route to launch analytics tools in its portfolio of solutions.

Chemical Information Services

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Ernie Cote, CEO

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