Chemstations: Redefining Chemical Process Simulation

Steve Brown, President & CEO
In present times, process simulation is one of the most important disciplines of chemical engineering that helps enhance process design and optimize plant efficiency. Advances in the technology have significantly improved the speed and accuracy of process simulation allowing engineers to obtain substantial savings in time and money. Houston, TX based Chemstations, with over four decades of experience operating in the chemical engineering industry, is spearheaded with a vision of making strong contributions towards the evolution of chemical process simulation. As a disrupter in the field, the company provides tools that broaden an engineer’s capabilities and increases productivity in the chemical process simulation field. Chemstations, through its integrated suite of chemical process simulation software, CHEMCAD, is instrumental in addressing the day to day tasks as well as toughest chemical process models.

CHEMCAD is designed to be an intuitive and easy-to-use software suite for chemical engineers that works seamlessly with other programs, scales effortlessly to handle the simplest or most complex jobs, and helps make insightful presentations. According to the company’s President & CEO, Steve Brown, CHEMCAD is the culmination of hours of customer interviews, and decades of industry experience; it is truly a state-of-the-art process simulation package that seamlessly integrates into the wider chemical engineering computing environment. Users can purchase only the modules they need for a specific industry and process, enabling them to create their own customized version. All modules work together within a single graphical user interface with a seamless interaction between various programs resulting in maximum flexibility and affordability. These modules are built for specific purposes like designing or rating processes, piping networks, heat exchanger or batch distillation column.

Once users have built a process, they can validate it using CHEMCAD’s extensive library of chemical data. This library is benchmarked against real-world data and industry standards to provide users with the latest information they require.

At Chemstations, we want to optimize client’s processes and make their presentations exponentially better

CHEMCAD simplifies “what if” calculations owing to its 40 different K-value calculation methods, 53 different unit operations, and options to customize operations. While the solution performs the calculations, clients can easily and quickly add different chemicals, equipments and environmental factors for complete testing and hypothesis.

Through CHEMCAD, engineers can build, specify and run reports for simulations. The solution provides required graphics to make reports customizable and easy to export to third party software. Whether proposing ideas to the team, publishing a paper or presenting at a conference, flowsheets are simple to produce, and reports look professional. Chemstations optimizes client’s process and makes their presentations exponentially better. Today, a number of companies from industries like pharmaceutical, process equipment manufacturing and power plants rely on CHEMCAD to achieve optimal chemical processes. CHEMCAD is built and backed by a strong team of technical support engineers who have designed the solution keeping in mind the challenges of chemical engineers.

With the release of the latest version of CHEMCAD, Chemstations keeps up with the long history of addressing changes in the chemical process industry. The new release includes major enhancements in the reporting engine and a modernized interface with sophisticated graphics. The latest CHEMCAD version is much more intuitive and delivers professional, presentation-ready flowsheets faster and more efficiently. The enhanced version also features a more efficient and faster calculation engine. This latest edition builds on the company’s commitment to innovation, integration, and open architecture.


Houston, TX

Steve Brown, President & CEO

Chemstations provides an integrated suite of chemical process simulation software that broadens an engineer’s capabilities and increases productivity