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Joe Chen, CEO
The penetration of mobile technology is one of the major trends in the ever-growing real estate market. With mobile administration, visionary agents, teams, and brokers are no more tied to their desks; they work remotely from anywhere, anytime, using mobile devices. Besides websites with mobile responsive designs, real estate agencies are setting up mobile-centric lead generation and CRM systems. However, while staying ahead of the competition in the face of rapid change and meeting consumer expectations, real estate agents struggle with social media marketing to build connections and engage customers. What real estate agents require is an experience-rich partner who can supplement their social media efforts.

Enter Chime Technologies. With deep roots in the real estate industry, Chime brings in rich technical knowledge and real-world business experience to assist both agencies and brokers in nurturing and getting more leads and improving their productivity. “Smartphones being the new working machine for the agents, they look for a fully-integrated platform that generates and tracks leads, targets automated communications, nurture buyers and sellers, and more. This is where we come in,” says Joe Chen, CEO of Chime Technologies. Considering the power of mobile technology in changing the lives of agents and brokers, Chime is on the mission to connect them to cutting-edge mobile-based tools and services. To this end, the firm has developed powerful lead generation and CRM solutions with a mobile-first approach. Its applications eliminate the need to build distinct agent teams to manage lead campaigns and engage leads and provide search engine marketing.

Despite starting their journey late in the industry, Chime has rapidly evolved to bring the most comprehensive feature set in the market. “We leverage our expertise in building internet products to help agents and brokers perform lead-gen on social media platforms like Facebook and Google, strategize advertising design, define the right audience, target customers on Google and other media platforms,” Chen adds. Integrating social intelligence into the lead generation platform, Chime’s targeted advertisements running on a network of popular websites and social media platforms allow users to promote properties and understand where their audience spends their time online. The company empowers users with AI-based bid management and optimization strategies to run hundreds of permutations on every ad campaign each week, ensuring that they reach the right users at the right time.

“We are the first to empower the agents with mobile dwelling applications that simplify the tedious, intricate tasks and allow them to focus on their core tasks,” says Chen.

Serving the needs of the small as well as large agent teams, Chime’s Intelligent and customizable IDX websites enable users with engaging site templates that play a crucial role in converting leads into customers.

We are the first to empower the agents with mobile dwelling applications that simplify the tedious and intricate tasks and allow them to focus on their core tasks

The websites provide drag and drop controls to customize the design of the web pages and offer functionality to add pocket listings. As these sites are SEO-friendly, the listings easily gain higher ranks in the web searches and help in increasing the number of visitors. In addition to the range of tools and features on IDX websites, agents can leverage Chime’s nationwide MLS support to garner information about the visitors. In combination with Chime CRM, buyer property alerts are sent to agents in case of a match between lead’s preferences and property specifications. That’s not all. Harnessing the power of speech recognition and AI, Chime allows calling leads, generates smart call lists and scripts, and prevents unattended calls to fall through the cracks.

The firm simplifies the task of lead management with lead routing through custom rules, a key feature of its CRM. Users can manage all leads driven from different platforms like Realtor and Zillow with the user-friendly interface. Agents can perform in-depth analysis of lead traffic based on lead scores, which are provided by Chime’s Responsive CRM and subsequently decide their next business move. The lead score is derived from multiple parameters like contact validity, online behavior, and property information. While agents can leverage the data to follow the right lead, brokers are able to set business goals and contribution of each in achieving them. To streamline all activities, users can deploy automatic workflows with the automated smart plans. Using Responsive CRM, brokers can generate performance and business reports and determine the alignments of their firms with the objectives.

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, the firm’s advanced products have already won the trust of the nation’s premier real estate firms. In one of the instances, a major real estate agency migrated to Chime platform for conducting all operations and soon became a leading name. The company relies on customer feedback to enhance its product line. With a team of 100 plus, the leadership has set its eyes on incorporating building avant-garde tools like voice operated applications similar to Siri and Alexa using artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology. Joe Chen sums up the journey of Chime as “We live and breathe customer’s life and let them know what they need to stay competitive with the emerging technology.”

Chime Technologies

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Joe Chen, CEO

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