China Systems: Integrating Financial Operations through Java Technology

Pedro Ramos, Enterprise Architecture Director & Regional President, US
With the ongoing advancements in Java applications, the need for more accomplished versions of business solutions arises right from the initial development stage to help deal with the bottlenecks in building agile and efficient Java based software. New Java frameworks are hence being developed to thrash the competition from many other programming languages. “However, since financial institutions are bound with some constraints, most of them strive to accomplish more with lot less while deploying Java platforms,” says Pedro Ramos, Enterprise Architecture Director, Regional President, China Systems. Considering this issue, China Systems—a Trade Services solution vendor that provides an integrated front and back-office platform, is attempting to cover these gaps with offerings that are built on Java 2 enterprise edition framework. With China Systems’ nexus of solutions that run in multi-entity-country-language environments and also harness the growing web and mobile facilities, many global banks are aided to proffer their products and services across the world.

“We have a strong foothold in the areas of Trade, Supply Chain Finance and Payments, and deliver solutions that can be adapted to any changing business or regulatory environment,” asserts Ramos. The firm’s solutions are built in different layers and do not require programming modification. “Java is the core tier of our solutions, where all the technology is integrated into a framework that supports the business functionality,” he adds. The business layer is built using a toolkit—rule based IDE, where China Systems’ and Banks design their business workflow and integration by abstracting the technicalities accompanying Java. Aside these capabilities, the firm is also known for readily embracing latest technologies trends like Mobile, Big Data, and Crypto technologies such as Blockchain, and integrating these seamlessly into their solutions framework, abstracting the core technicalities from the development and delivery of business solutions.

The company’s flagship product, Eximbills Enterprise, controls the entire transactional workflow, executing everything in terms of financial calculations, rates, commissions and documents to fulfill the business requirements, perform risks and compliance checks, interfaces, etc.

Java is the core tier of our solutions, where all the technology is integrated into a single framework to support the financial business

Additionally, China Systems has created a mobile template which helps financial institutions to integrate their mobile architecture with their solutions to optimize and extend its core trade capacities. Further, the organization is looking into incorporating predictive analytics into their back office system for risk management, compliance, and pricing optimization for marketing from perspective of a financial institution.

Alongside its repertoire of offerings, China System’s powerful configuration environment allows banks to quickly deploy any changes they want, without necessitating in-depth Java development knowledge. The firm’s web-based, multi-channel empowered solutions help banks to not only achieve their objectives but also centralize their business across multiple regions and architectures. In one instance, China Systems was approached by a global bank with four back office systems that ran on their own technology—legacy main frame, or java or manual processes. The client wanted to bring a front end—singular customer facing application for trade to be implemented across the world. Using China Systems’ customer enterprise front end, the bank was able to harness its toolkit, flexibility and integration capabilities to present a single business model, where the functionality was shared across the world.

China Systems firmly believes in working toward empowering its customers to manage their own destiny. The company is set to forge forward with its attention fully vested on the au courant concepts such as cloud and software-as-a-service. “We are also talking to leading infrastructure companies to continue working on global standards and expand our offerings beyond the existing range of on-premise applications,” he concludes.

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Pedro Ramos, Enterprise Architecture Director & Regional President, US

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