Chromotif: Public Clouds-based Application Delivery

Param Desai, Founder & CEO
Three primary trends are impacting the enterprise IT landscape—the rise of the public cloud; the ubiquity of network availability; and the growing acceptance of the BYOD movement or “bring your own device” in business. For the founders of Chromotif, these trends began to coalesce into a big idea— Per Param Desai, Founder and CEO of Chromotif, “We realized that we can build an application delivery system that is not legacy—meaning it isn’t built for LAN, but exclusively built for the public and hybrid cloud and makes the infrastructure almost invisible. Chromotif is exactly that—an application delivery system that is simple, tuned for any public or hybrid cloud, and very affordable and easy for customers.” Chromotif enables businesses to deliver their end-user and line of business applications, without the need to have any data center footprint— software or hardware—and even without buying end user devices, such as PCs, laptops, or tablets.

Today a customer’s line of business application software is installed on a user’s PC and served up from a service in the data center. The customer’s IT organization manages both the user’s device, as well as the server. Now imagine a scenario where Chromotif provisions server infrastructure for the customer in a public cloud of their choice, enables install of the business application into that server infrastructure, and delivers that application right to a user’s browser on any device, anywhere, even users’ personal laptops or tablets—all in under a minute. “No hardware purchase orders, no deliveries, no setup, no image management, none of that. When using Chromotif Application Delivery Platform, customers will never have to worry about the infrastructure,” explains Desai. “We don’t want our customers to even know that an infrastructure exists. That saves businesses a lot of money and lets their IT organizations focus on business productivity vs. spending time and money on traditional datacenter and device management. Businesses can do a lot more by spending a lot less.”

Chromotif is a very simple and affordable end-to-end application delivery platform that makes the infrastructure invisible

Chromotif’s clients typically do not have a large IT organization and have a user base of hundreds. An example of Chromotif’s ability to circumvent infrastructure issues is their work with a very technologically advanced school system. The middle and high schools were using Windows laptops, MacBooks, and Linux laptops and then shifted to Chromebooks with a particular goal of leveraging Google applications for education. But as Chromebooks began integrating into school operations, the school system found some of the applications that they were previously using were not available through Chromebooks—reducing their ROI on that investment. By working with Chromotif, they found a method to deliver non-Google applications such as Windows and Linux, and their custom learning and design applications, to the Chromebooks.

Chromotif’s roadmap is all about moving to the next level through expansion. More features will be added to enhance the end-user experience, improve the ease of deployment and configuration for IT administrators, help small and medium value-added resellers deliver accelerated application delivery services to their customers at much lower costs, as well as deepen the partnership with public cloud providers. The end goal is improvement of every aspect of the Chromotif platform including single server scalability—which ultimately leads to further lower costs for customers. “The whole idea is to provide a software-centric or software-defined infrastructure including a complete end-to-end application delivery platform,” says Desai.


Santa Clara, CA

Param Desai, Founder & CEO

Develops and markets a cloud-based, fully-secure, “software defined” application delivery infrastructure to deliver business applications to end-users’ personal devices