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Jim Leftwich, CEO
For years, small insurers have remained underserved in terms of technological deployment when compared to tier 1 and tier 2 insurers. CHSI Technologies comes to the fore with its core SaaS enterprise management system, CHSI Connections, tailor-made for the unique needs of the tier 4 market. Leveraging an agile, hosted platform, CHSI Connections incorporates numerous modules like CRM, underwriting, billing, claims integration, and broker and policyholder portals into a single, cloud-based insurance practice management system. “We are looking to deliver a richer, fuller experience to the market that typically uses disparate systems,” begins CHSI’s CEO, Jim Leftwich.

Leftwich emphasizes on the potential of cloud in transforming the insurance sector. Based on in-depth market research and collaboration with some of the primary SaaS adopters—the captive market, government risk pools, P&C carriers, traditional insurers, and self-insured groups—CHSI built their Connections product in a way that is easy to implement, upgrade, and configure for end users. Moreover, “several ongoing trends like mobile technology, data analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), and cybersecurity have led to the evolution of legacy systems into new digitized systems resulting in more outsourced services pervading the insurance space,” comments Leftwich. CHSI’s focus on staying abreast of these industry trends while doling out intuitive solutions makes it the ‘go-to’ provider of insurance management solutions.

Furthermore, the CEO elaborates on how CHSI Technologies makes insurance management affordable by developing customized solutions for the markets they cater to. “We have built our core offerings in a modular way for people to select the components they need instead of buying the whole suite,” he explains. When it comes to security, CHSI is built on .NET framework and housed within the Microsoft Azure cloud which ensures total security of user data along with seamless accessibility through any web browser. Moving on, he adds, “Our product was built with all the elements of a true cloud-based product in mind.”

We have industry Subject Matter Experts on our team who understand insurance and technology in a way that most technology companies don’t

Owing to its specialized competency, various companies today hinge on CHSI for better insurance management. One such client is Michigan-based workers’ compensation insurer, Manufacturing Technology Mutual Insurance Company (MTMIC), that deployed CHSI Connections to enhance their policy management and underwriting processes. Subsequently, the client was able to considerably abridge the time involved in quoting, binding, and issuing endorsements, certificates, and renewals. Moreover, Connections being a web-based solution dramatically minimized the implementation costs.

Talking about CHSI’s delivery model, Leftwich says, “The fact that we have industry Subject Matter Experts on our team who understand insurance and technology in a way that most technology companies don’t is an added value for our clients.” When it comes to implementing new technologies, CHSI assists its clients individually by trying to understand the way they run their business to better meet their needs. With several industry experts driving the team, CHSI has emerged as a clear one-stop shop that can best recommend the use of technology in a way that functions not only as a workforce multiplier but also a process accelerator for clients.

Looking to tomorrow, CHSI intends to modernize their user interface specifically to augment user experience and make it more intuitive and appealing for millennials entering the field. “We are in the process of gamifying certain modules of our service portfolio that would benefit employers and customers alike from a productivity standpoint,” concludes the CEO.

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Jim Leftwich, CEO

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