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Amine Yahya, founder, and CEO
Even though cloud migration is not a new undertaking, it is fast becoming more mission-critical for virtually every business, helping businesses attain operational continuity and flexibility. To achieve such operational resiliency, it’s likely that the businesses will shift away from the deployment of cloud tools and platforms to improve a specific function, such as shifting to Zoom meetings for remote communication. These approaches ultimately ensure the creation of holistic strategies centered on enterprise-wide cloud migration. However, to achieve measurable success in such ventures, businesses need a competent guide or mentor to help them migrate to the cloud without burning a hole in their pockets or jeopardizing their existing technological stack.

CiberSQL, one of Microsoft’s full service consulting firms and prominent gold partners, brings that very competency to the table. CiberSQL is currently assisting many small and large-sized businesses in virtualizing their operations and staying abreast of the digital era. What drives CiberSQL in this endeavor is the company’s talented team of cloud consultants who focus strongly on customer satisfaction and make digitalization a hassle-free transformation. “We offer entire cloud migration and managed IT services for Microsoft Azure cloud computing requirements, empowering our clients through their digital journey,” says Amine Yahya, founder and CEO of CiberSQL.

A testament to CiberSQL’s capability is its recent engagement with the largest Health Insurance Provider in western PA wherein the client was looking to modernize its on premise, legacy applications and systems to HIPAA and SOC2 compliant cloud systems. The client’s main concerns were around the cost of cloud migration, the reliability and security of the cloud infrastructure, and finally managing the infrastructure once it is running on the cloud platform. After working closely with the client to discuss different cloud migration strategies, CiberSQL helped them seamlessly migrate several systems and applications in a combination of Lift And Shit, Rebuild, Replace and Refactor. This multi-approach migration strategy to the cloud helped our client inrease their agility, delivery immediate business value in a short period of time, reduce reliability of their systems and streamline their business processes.. CiberSQL’s team helped the client replace their legacy IAM system and move to Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C based on these plans.
This migration which included 3 millions users and a dozen of systems and application, has helped the client tremendously become standard-based, scalable, secure, compliant, and auditable while enjoying many security features such as multi-factor authentication, threat detection, password policy enforcement, single sign-on, and more. Following this successful implementation, CiberSQL’s client is running many of its core systems on Azure, moving beyond just identity and access management functions.

In another instance, CiberSQL worked with a large call center that was spending an excess of $20 million a year to support 2+ million members through an old-fashioned customer support infrastructure. CiberSQL leveraged Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Language Understanding Servives (LUIS), and Azure communication services to implement an AI Powered and Multi-Channel Digital Assistant.

We offer entire cloud migration and managed IT services for Microsoft Azure cloud computing services to empower our clients through their digital journey

This implementation is projected to lowered the call center costs by over 20 percentage by automating support inquiries. By aggregating disparate user data into an azure data lake and integrating it with Azure Cognitive services via Microservices, the solution was able to provide users answers far quicker than a live customer service representative could ever do. Users can now get help across all well-known channels, including IVR, SMS, Social Media, other digital assistants (Alexa, Siri, Teams). And lastly, through powerful telemetry and logs, the call center gained key user insights.

With many similar success stories under its hood, CiberSQL is now looking to take to the helm of widespread digitalization and cloud migration. As many businesses are now looking to digitalize their operations and create a virtual foundation to overcome physical space limitations, their cloud migration projects create a perfect playing ground for CiberSQL. The company is laser-focused on making the most out of this positive change.


Pittsburgh, PA

Amine Yahya, founder, and CEO

CiberSQL offers entire cloud migration and managed IT services, particularly for Microsoft Azure cloud computing services, to empower clients through their digital journeys.