CIDEON America: Simplifying SAP and CAD for Maximum Utilization

Brettschneider, President and CEO
When Klaus Brettschneider joined CIDEON’s Germany office in 1998 as an application engineer, little did he know that his fate would take an interesting turn in 2006 letting him steer the company’s operations in the United States. A company of the Friedhelm Loh Group and the exclusive delivery channel for CIDEON Software products in North America, CIDEON America, under the leadership of Klaus Brettschneider, enables its customers to use SAP PLM as an engineering information system to collect, manage and distribute information.

“Unlike other software application providers, CIDEON offers CAD integrations through SAP for its Product Lifecycle Management System, providing an end to end solution— automating system processes in the background and migrating existing or legacy files at a faster rate without having to change any pre-defined systems or procedures,” claims Brettschneider. With over 20 years of expertise in the software industry, CIDEON’s software directly integrates with SAP creating a robust, secure and easy-to-access platform for enterprises. It reduces the amount of time and capital spent on various back-and-forth enterprise level activities and mitigates the need for third party applications by integrating all into one place—maintaining a single system, saving cost and streamlining business processes to a smoother and efficient one.

Designed to automate document processes and answer project related questions, CIDEON’s SAP PLM products also provide the organizations with easy access to the expert resources of project engineers, consultants, CAD designers, FEM specialists and software developers any time. This in turn creates concrete synergies because all aspects of engineering are unified under a single umbrella organization. CIDEON Workspace, the company’s latest product, based on SAP’s proven CAD Desktop technology offers an intuitive, flexible and high-speed user interface for document management of CAD, SAP and Office files.
Built along the line—“keep it simple and useful” the user interface of the Workspace offers intuitive handling and individualization thereby presenting relevant CAD and SAP information in a clear and structured manner.

This allows companies to collect and organize all engineering relevant documents and information. However, CIDEON’s portfolio reaches further and allows automating document processes. The CIDEON Conversion Engine for SAP PLM generates neutral format files like PDFs, TIFs and others automatically based on the original CAD or MSOffice document for easy access companywide even after the completion of the engineering phase. “Understanding the SAP and CAD world has been our USP. We understand every minute detail of engineering behind these two robust systems and we have transcended to the next level of technology innovation by bringing together these two systems,” says Brettschneider. This expertise has allowed CIDEON to provide manufacturing leaders across North America to utilize the SAP PLM CAD integration. CIDEON customers include Varian Medical, Kodak, Sauder Woodworking, EATON Cooper, Brady Corporation, Greenheck and many more.

Having more than 40,000 users in 400 companies across the world using its solutions, and SAP as development partner, CIDEON envisions improving the ‘performance’ factor in working with CAD systems and SAP. The company is right on its track—helping customers utilize SAP technology to the fullest.

Understanding SAP and the CAD design processes from an en engineering perspective has been our USP.We understand every detail behind these systems


Conshohocken, PA

Brettschneider, President and CEO

CIDEON develops and supports SAP PLM CAD integrations which allow customers to utilize their existing SAP system with its integrated document management system together with CAD for a single source of truth