CIGNEX Datamatics:Tailoring Open Source Enterprise Solutions Based on Customer Preferences

CIO VendorAmit Babaria, Co-founder and Head, CIGNEX Datamatics, America
An avid traveller and a proponent of open source, Amit Babaria, Co-Founder and Head, CIGNEX Datamatics, America. CIGNEX Datamatics, was quick to realize enterprises’ shift from multi-million dollar proprietary solution implementations to open source strategies. “However, with over 200,000 products to choose from, the biggest challenge for enterprises is to minimize risk while adopting an Open Source strategy and ensuring business continuity with reduced TCO and control over software assets,” notes Babaria. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, CIGNEX Datamatics combines the ‘significance’ of customers with power of ‘connections’ to ‘Make Open Source Work’ for organizations. The company minimizes enterprises’ risk by integrating the existing proprietary applications with enterprise ready Open Source technology products and reusing the hardware.
CIGNEX Datamatics has implemented over 450 open source enterprise solutions globally across various verticals. “With this experience, we have the battle scars to know the best practices required for implementations,” says Babaria, The company’s Open Source Adoption Model (OSAM) defines the stage at which the client requirements are centered, based on the criticality of the information—mission critical or noncritical; and the nature of the target users—external or internal. “By using open source, we ensure a reduced TCO of any application development and support by as much as 30 percent,” claims Babaria.OSS) that is relevant to evolving customer needs. Through consultative approach, CIGNEX Datamatics organizes a “Blue Sky” day that involves understanding customer requirements followed by technology recommendations that best fits clients’ business needs. It further CIGNEX Datamatics closely follows the emerging trends in Travel and Hospitality industry, where the changing consumer preferences drastically influence business operations. “Travel and hospitality customers demand websites that are linguistically diverse, fast, responsive and can integrate with third party applications and social widgets to make online bookings without delay,” says Babaria. For this purpose, the company recommends Open Source Solutions guarantees that it can reduce the cost of migration from proprietary solutions to Open Source solutions compared to any other competitor.
With its deep expertise across areas of portal development, content management, and big data analytics, CIGNEX Datamatics takes pride in designing mobile-ready travel and hospitality websites that are responsive across various devices and resolutions, offering a multitude of features. The company has delivered more than 20 successful enterprise implementations in Travel and Hospitality segment across UK, USA and South America. One of their most exceptional successes can be found in their work with the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), a leading hotel brand. CIGNEX Datamatics developed a Liferay-based Meeting Point Portal for IHG’s worldwide sales team to sell meeting spaces across all leading IHG brands. The company’s work on the Franchise Brand Management Intranet yielded improvements across IHG’S operational efficiency, collaboration and user productivity. IHG experienced an increased user adoption by 100 percent in six months, which led to growth in revenues. The portal currently connects 250,000 IHG managed corporate users across regions and departments. “While building over 45 applications in conjunction with IHG’s Enterprise Collaboration Group, our approach was to create and leverage a portfolio of reusable modules for improved time to market, maintainability and support. The applications were developed using open standards, enabling seamless integration with existing IHG systems,” says Babaria. IHG benefited with enhancements in enterprise-level collaboration, user management, quality and timeliness of data, altogether generating faster ROI at reduced learning curve. In another interesting hospitality implementation, CIGNEX Datamatics successfully built a Liferay and Alfresco-based Integrated Content Management Portal (ICMP) for Grupo Posadas, a leading Mexican hotel operator which enabled Grupo Posadas to launch 7 web brand portals within six months at 40 percent TCO reduction, and most importantly, allowed them to increase RevPAR through personalized web experience. Going forward, CIGNEX Datamatics aims to strengthen its position as a strategic partner to Fortune 1000 clients by delivering business-focused enterprise Open Source Solutions. The company’s vertical growth vision lies in meeting every need of travel and hospitality industry to become a dominant player; while their horizontal visions focus on increasing the breadth of its solutions in OSS portfolio.

CIGNEX Datamatics

Santa Clara, CA

Amit Babaria, Co-founder and Head, CIGNEX Datamatics, America

CIGNEX Datamatics focuses on “Making Open Source Work” for enterprises using industry-standard open platforms