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Anil Agrawal, CEO
Smart cities are here and now, they are no longer a concept on a drawing board. Cities across the globe are adopting cutting-edge technologies to improve resident quality of life and provide a wholesome living experience. The idea of a smart city has created a host of new opportunities, allowing municipalities to take the performance of their city infrastructure to a new level. “We believe that everybody wants to be a part of the smart city movement, but very few have a clear vision of how to get there. We have cracked the code and are spearheading the revolution,” says Anil Agrawal, CEO, CIMCON Lighting. CIMCON’s formula is simple: to bring together the scattered pieces of the puzzle to provide a city with the insight necessary to provide increased operational efficiency, improved public safety, reduced energy costs, improved environmental sustainability, and community engagement. The company, through its NearSky™ platform creates a smart lighting network on top of a city’s existing streetlight infrastructure that enables the city to bring together a broad spectrum of devices and applications to monitor, meter, manage, and monetize the streetlight and other assets affixed to and located near the streetlight pole. Applications include air quality monitoring, metering electric vehicle chargers, improving public safety and security, and optimizing parking and traffic management. Today, CIMCON has emerged as the not only the pioneer, but also the leader in software-powered lighting controllers and Internet of Outdoor Things (IoOT)-enabled smart city lighting management solutions.

In a move toward becoming “smart” many cities are replacing standard high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights with LEDs. Cities are also leveraging monitoring apps to track the impact of pedestrian and vehicle traffic on businesses and streets around the city. The concerns around situational awareness like the quality of air and weather conditions are also pushing cities to implement devices that can help them monitor environmental conditions. Many cities are identifying various requirements like these to develop a smart network and are approaching individual solution providers to help solve their challenges. CIMCON caters to these requirements by providing a holistic set of solutions through a single platform. “We provide a unique solution for smart city development through our NearSky™ platform that transforms a city’s existing streetlight infrastructure into a robust Internet of ‘Outdoor’ Things. The NearSky platform is a hub that connects different devices using wired and wireless interfaces. Leveraging the existing streetlight network and adding devices to it instead of building a new one, enables cities to achieve the vision of a Smart City.

The NearSky platform is comprised of the NearSky™ 360 sensor hub and cloud-based NearSky™ StreetVibe™ information hub, which are the ideal gateways for migrating to an intelligent smart city. The NearSky 360 sensor hub provides a sturdy and scalable acquisition platform for city data from sensors, controls, and devices on or near the street pole. At the same time, the NearSky StreetVibe information hub enables municipalities to easily collect, aggregate, syndicate, and visualize data from a wide range of instrumented assets in one location. These solutions provide the flexibility and functionality essential to harnessing the power that smart technologies offer, thereby enabling the implementation of the city’s strategic vision for a seamless living experience.

CIMCON’s NearSky™ platform efficiently connects people with data

To further enhance and expand the opportunities that cities have in their move to “smart”, CIMCON has built a strong partner network of companies that provide sensors, cameras, and video analytics solutions. Efforts are made to integrate these solutions into the NearSky™ platform in a customized manner, based on the clients’ needs. “If a client desires to perform data processing in our platform, they can develop the software which will subsequently be verified by us, before being hosted on the edge-based platform,” states Agrawal. CIMCON offers device management, security, and edge-based containers to allow partners focus on creating value added applications. The visualization service enables clients to access the information generated through the data analytics in the cloud—in the form of charts through a simple dashboard. In essence, CIMCON’s NearSky platform efficiently connects people with data.

As the provider of best-of-breed hardware and software, CIMCON recognizes that some cities many need assistance in configuring and managing the platform. For these customers, CIMCON offers managed services to close the gaps in setting up the platform according to the city’s unique environment and processes. With a limited budget to spend, cities now have the most economical and best technology to efficiently move to becoming a smart city. A case in point is a city in Florida that has reinvigorated its main shopping and dining area and instrumented it with CIMCON’s NearSky platform to monitor vehicular and pedestrian traffic to understand the impact of area upgrades. All the data obtained by the NearSky 360 and lighting controllers is transported over the streetlight control network to NearSky StreetVibe in the cloud for viewing.

CIMCON’s focus is to continue to enhance the capabilities of the NearSky™ platform to reduce the time required from solution ideation to deployment and minimize the risk in rolling out new services and applications. The company is also expanding its partner ecosystem to integrate additional devices and applications onto the platform and enhance its adoption across the globe. Given the company’s rich history, thought leadership, and innovation, cities can expect CIMCON to continue to pave the way for more smart cities. CIMCON’s mission and vision is to drive down cost and risk, and increase the speed and agility with which city staff can respond to events and maximize new opportunities.

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Anil Agrawal, CEO

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