Cin7: Building an All-in-one Cloud Inventory Solution for Retailers

Danny Ing, Founder and CTO
The relentless cycle of technology has brought about many innovations in the retail industry. Market disruptions such as mobile shopping, easy access to data and social media have changed the way people are purchasing, which in turn has brought about many new sales and distribution channels. However, eCommerce retailers have had to confront many of the complex ordeals in managing supply dispersed across channels, whilst creating a seamless customer experience.

Contrary to popular belief that setting up an Omni- Channel system is the real pain point, it is fulfilling orders from all these channels efficiently, that is the true measure of excellence. Cin7 delivers a comprehensive Inventory Management and Point-of-Sale solution, which allows shop-floor staff to process and generate orders, and directly send them to be picked, packed and delivered. This minimizes the time drastically compared to other cloud inventory systems that operate Inventory Management and Point-of-Sale as a separate function - changing the traditional shopping experience and accounting for a seamless customer experience.

Spread across the globe, with offices in the U.S, U.K, Australia and New Zealand, Cin7 offers an all-in-one solution. The cloud software’s comprehensive framework empowers retailers to sell stock throughout their entire network and not just in-store stock. With new features announced such as built-in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration, Cin7 gives small retailers the ability to integrate into big retailers systems. What sets the firm apart is the fact Cin7 provides an Inventory and POS System capable of managing stores and warehouses with complex supply processes. The solution provider boasts a fully integrated, fully capable product that serves channels which until a year ago never existed. “We’re often being compared to ERP providers such as Netsuite, without the cost associated with ERP type solutions,” says Ing.

A strong believer in building products that stand the test of time, Danny denotes that Cin7 caters towards to the evolving trends of retail.

Cin7 intends to automate 80 percent of a retailer’s Inventory Management and make the other 20 percent a painless experience

“Because we started building Cin7 with the vision to automate Inventory Management, we’re in a better position to fulfill all channels that are now emerging. Cin7 really becomes a core function for retailers help manage their complex supply requirements but also foster better processes for growing retailers,” says Ing.

When Perth based retailer Pigeonholea gift store rolled-out across Europe, Asia and Australia had issues with their legacy software becoming obsolete, they were in search of a solution. Paraphrasing Sue Lim, GM, Pigeonhole, they required a solution that provided a central location to manage the wholesale and retail businesses. Cin7 was gauged the best fit, given its ability to integrate with Xeroa cloud accounting software. “The changes Danny and the team continue to provide, contribute to increasing the speed and accuracy in making strategic decisions and just as importantly, happier retail staff working with a user-friendly POS,” adds Lim. With an overall growth in revenue by 300 percent and a 600 percent increase in sales between the first and third quarters, “we strive to increase our clientele in the U.S and U.K,” asserts David Chaulk, CEO of Cin7. Its ultimate goal is to have one fully connected, integrated core system that enables someone to buy something online or in store and have it dispatched in under thirty minutes. All with minimal work performed by the retailer, using smarter technology, automation and logistic advances. “Cin7 intends to automate 80 percent of a retailer’s Inventory Management and make the other 20 percent a painless experience and we’re not far away from this retail dream,” says Danny.


Auckland, NZ

Danny Ing, Founder and CTO

Provider of Cloud Inventory and Point Of Sale solutions with easy integration as add- ons to existing software.

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