Cincom Systems: Simplification and Automation for Superior Business Performance

Dave Schwarber Executive Director of Manufacturing
Teaming with Microsoft, Cincom® uses its unrivaled experience today in the software industry to help businesses operate in a highly engineered manufacturing environment by delivering ERP and CRM capabilities that raise business performance to the next level.

Cincom places customers at the center of their business strategies. This gives customers a head start by providing the solution and key principles they need to ensure long-term success. “Cincom is able to free up a customer’s resources, enabling them to focus on their strategic goals and achieve success,” says Doug Kennedy, former Vice President of Dynamics Enterprise Sales and Customer Lifecycle Management at Microsoft. “They are delivering solutions that help our customers save money and discover new ways to sell and achieve more.”

Cincom has the functionality to go toe-to-toe without writing customizations— effectively competing better with other industry giants

By combining the functional scope and highly adaptable framework of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM with specialized selling, engineering, contract, project and aftermarket capabilities, Cincom improves the overall business efficiencies and effectiveness. “Our ERP suite is a comprehensive, flexible solution built on systemwide capabilities like configurable workflows, business rules, alerts, embedded analysis tools and much more—all within the familiar Microsoft user experience and technology foundation,” says Dave Schwarber, Executive Director of Manufacturing at Cincom.

Unlike mega systems such as SAP and Oracle that attempt to be “all things to all companies,” Cincom is built specifically for manufacturers of highly engineered products.
This means they are void of the overhead and complexity that come with systems that must be configured using thousands of different settings to meet the needs of any given industry. They use the power of Dynamics to help companies generate more license and services revenue and win more opportunities. “Cincom and Microsoft have the functionality to go toeto- toe without writing customizations— effectively competing better with Infor, Oracle and SAP,” states Schwarber.

Various leading global organizations including E-One, Siemens and Harris Corporation are witnessing significant increases in productivity and efficiency after utilizing Cincom’s solutions and expertise. In one instance, GKN Aerospace, a supplier of advanced composite and high-performance alloy structures, wanted to align its technology strategy with its business strategy to generate more value and gain competitive advantage. Cincom had to rapidly standardize two sites on its ERP solution without major business disruption, while reducing the time to assimilate new acquisitions into the corporation. The company implemented its Enterprise Management solution within a short timeframe and brought GKN a 40 percent reduction in application integration costs, a $25 million reduction in inventory investment in the first six months, a 50 percent reduction in total cost of ownership and a 38 percent reduction in cycle time, along with other benefits.

In recent years, Cincom has seen the positive impact of a partner-channel strategy. Though Microsoft encourages its partners to collaborate with each other, Cincom takes a selective approach to choosing its partners. According to Thomas Nies, President and CEO of Cincom Systems, “Moving partner recruitment and management to individual product units has made us more nimble.” The company plans to modify its revenue structure to where at least 75 percent of its new business revenue comes from partners. “Resellers allow us to expand into new markets that we wouldn’t otherwise invest in, with a direct sales strategy.”

Cincom aims to provide the engine that their customers need to run their entire business. New developments are already instore for later this year that will give their customers the engine to run their entire business today and into the future.


Cincinnati, OH

Dave Schwarber Executive Director of Manufacturing and Thomas Nies President & CEO

Provides a comprehensive ERP solution based on Microsoft technology that improves business operations