Cinovate Cloud Innovation: Attaining Strategic Goals through Customized Solutions

Matthew Fidler and Ron Caruso, Managing Partners
In a race to satisfy customers and beat competitors, modern day clients are demanding innovative and cost-effective applications. This is causing the pace of technology to accelerate phenomenally. To keep pace with this trend, Cinovate—a trusted cloud innovations company helps customers realize their strategic goals by providing full lifecycle services including requirements elicitation, solution configuration, project management, development, training and quality assurance testing. “Technology executives are moving beyond fulfilling immediate business challenges, and look to Cinovate to spark innovation and introduce their organizations to a new era in computing; an era where CIOs are able to anticipate critical business needs and deliver an integrated user experience faster than ever before,” begins Matthew Fidler, Managing Partner, Cinovate Cloud Innovation.

The company understands that most of the clients are visual learners and follows an agile approach to providing clients the ability to see the solutions evolve on a regular basis. Cinovate also allows them to take the right action as needed, instead of capturing several gaps towards the end of the process. Fidler elucidates that after the initial project, most clients prefer to use Cinovate as the outsourced team for additional development and configuration. This is used in addition to the merits of having an advisor who understands their business and technical implementation available to provide guidance. The company continues to leverage innovative platform components such as SalesForce1 Lightning—enabling the clients to do incredible things from a mobile perspective without having to be platform experts in iOS and Android.

“The concept of connected devices presents a major opportunity for our clients to deliver innovative experiences and capture additional revenue through the use of these new capabilities. Cinovate is ideally positioned to help companies take advantage of these components,” asserts Fidler. Cinovate’s goal is to build-long term partnerships with clients— offering them a range of advisory and support services for the initial deployment. The company also focuses on understanding the business and anticipating the requirements before the business needs.
“To compete in today's crowded market, our clients are taking a more strategic approach to managing broker channels. To achieve this, they need better insight into broker relationships and profitability. Cinovate’s Mutual Fund Wholesaling solution is an industry-specific solution that enables fund wholesalers to develop a deep understanding of broker profitability, strengthen and cultivate broker relationships, and streamline business processes for improved productivity,” says Fidler.

With tailored solution companies can accelerate the return on their investment and lower their total cost of ownership

Cinovate focuses on long term partnerships with the clients offering them a range of advisory and support services beyond the initial deployment. Recently, the company leveraged Salesforce to 800 users in the insurance/wealth space. The implementation contained many typical items including pipeline tracking, client management and activity focused heavily on the four overlapping lines of business, all working to sell through the same advisor/broker network. Part of the design was to create a single view of these relationships and incent users to identify new opportunities for other lines of business. This was done to provide them with the ability to hit a simple “Refer” button that automatically determines who they should talk to, track the referral date, and deliver sales reports in that area. The implementation was extremely successful and the client experienced substantial ROI by uncovering new opportunities. “The Referral option is a great example of the different type of thinking Cinovate brings to the table based on industry background and strong business acumen,” asserts Fidler.

In the coming years, Cinovate would continue to provide enticing Salesforce components such as SalesForce1 Lightning. The company also plans to expand its client base to various other industries has also been envisaged in the road ahead for the company.

Cinovate Cloud Innovation

Richmond Hill, ON

Matthew Fidler and Ron Caruso, Managing Partners

Cinovate provides industry-specific solutions and consulting for the platform.