Ciox Health: Holistic Representation of Clinical Data

Paul J. Roma, CEO
“Every element of clinical data or record transmitted across the healthcare ecosystem represents a real person,” says Jeff Gartland, President, Ciox Health. Driven by this perception, Gartland views health information as the bedrock of crucial clinical and financial decisions in the healthcare ecosystem. However, owing to the sheer volume of data and diverse data storage locations, healthcare organizations and care providers often struggle to effectively capture, consume, aggregate, and analyze the data.

Confronting this challenge head-on, Ciox Health gains access to healthcare data residing in any form or system— EHRs, departmental applications, data warehouses, paper, even microfilms—and efficiently sources it, refines it, and securely distributes it. “Ciox directs the information back to appropriate mechanisms to evaluate it and glean actionable insights that can further help in making the right clinical and financial decisions,” adds Gartland.

Ciox performs an expansive labyrinth of processes to adhere to healthcare security compliance, manage clinical data, and automate the process through OCR, natural language processing, and machine learning. Creating continuous learning loops, Ciox helps in developing smarter technology platforms that efficiently run those processes to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time.

Healthcare organizations today— pivoting from paper-based processes, consolidating enterprise-wide EHRs, and handling hybrid environments—often encounter the challenges of aggregating very diverse sets of clinical data. Leading the charge, Ciox configures and tailors the functions it performs to the requirements of the provider organization. “Ciox streamlines the entire data aggregation process and presents a single comprehensive record to requestors regardless of the underlying heterogeneity of the provider ecosystem,” explains Gartland.

Ciox functions as the trusted intermediary among providers, healthcare systems, patients and 3rd parties, managing compliance and security on behalf of the healthcare stakeholders.

Every element of clinical data or record transmitted across the healthcare ecosystem represents a real person

The firm ensures that the clinical data circulated in the healthcare organization is restricted to people who are authorized to receive it, and that the data is delivered in a timely fashion that conforms to local, state, and national regulations. As a clinical data management and release of information vendor for health providers, Ciox successfully imparts significant value to the provider landscape by helping it leverage the data that flows in and out of organizations, which in turn can have a significant impact on revenue integrity. In addition, Ciox also serves other healthcare constituents, such as health plans, research and insurance organizations, and legal communities. Providing a unified record of clinical data, Ciox assists these enterprises in critical decisions about both individuals and specific populations. With this effort to enhance the quality of healthcare, improve the health of the population, and simultaneously reduce the cost of care, Ciox has secured its position as a reliable mediator of clinical data for these healthcare components.

To illustrate the efficacy of Ciox’s approach, Gartland cites an example where an organization in the Northwest U.S. was encumbered with multiple EMRs generating pools of clinical data and was striving to orchestrate a unified record for their requestors. Ciox stepped in and tackled the situation, working behind the scene to analyze their environments as well as provide all the underpinnings of a comprehensive health information program to support population health.

Scripting similar success stories, Ciox is concentrating its time, energy, and investment in tech—enabling its services to not only drive real-time efficiency of clinical information but also create more use cases for utilizing that data.

Ciox Health

Alpharetta, GA

Paul J. Roma, CEO

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