CIPO Cloud Software: An End-to-End Platform for Construction Owners

As utilities, municipalities, and other construction owners deal with more significant complexities across the industry, ensuring productivity goals is often an uphill task. This happens primarily because many projects and program management processes continue to be manual and relatively informal. Companies need to deal with a more dispersed workforce who work in independent departments to top it off. As these departments remain isolated and the employees rely on manual processes, companies are more susceptible to creating information silos. Helping construction owners address this challenge is CIPO Cloud Software (CIPO), a construction management software provider. The company provides a cloud-based platform specifically built from the ground up for construction owners and breaks down multiple data silos.

“CIPO Cloud is a highly configurable, reliable, and scalable software that allows our users to track, manage, automate, and visualize their programs and projects in real-time,” mentions Alex Ivascu, CEO of the company. As the company’s construction management software is built by professionals with prior experience working with owners, the platform has shown to add significant value to its customers, especially those in public works, wet (water/sewer) infrastructure, and municipal building construction.

CIPO Cloud software features many innovative and unique features that address several pain points construction owners face while managing their construction projects and programs. For example, while some managers struggle to meet project deadlines, cost overruns are a critical issue for others. In addition, companies are also tasked with managing the intricacies of compliance. As the team at CIPO Cloud has had extensive experience working with construction owners, the company understands these challenges and addresses them with its cloud software.

This comprehensive understanding of its clients’ challenges, processes, procedures, and an owner-first approach is why CIPO built the software as one of the highest configurable applications on the market. Although the current platform can address almost all the needs of their clients, the highly configurable application allows the company to augment the software by adding new capabilities if/when needed. “We look toward continually improving and adding functionality to the platform to make the system more adaptable and user-friendly,” mentions Tim Henigman, CTO of the company. “CIPO has out-of-the-box applications ready to improve any Owner’s capital improvement program, or we can customize CIPO to maximize your existing processes and improve your agency’s overall program.”

As an out-of-the-box platform, Owners can use CIPO Cloud as a predefined, simple, and cost-effective solution that can perform many standard tasks such as filing RFIs, submittals, change order management, and payment requests. As the platform is highly configurable and can quickly adapt to a business process, clients can perform these tasks without changing their existing workflows. CIPO adapts its platform to the client’s business instead of forcing the customer to change their business processes to fit into the platform. In addition, clients can personalize CIPO Cloud completely using customized templates and change the look and feel according to their taste. Another critical feature of CIPO Cloud is the unique way the platform handles change order management. This feature allows the client to assign two or more project members to verify the changes, like budget, before finalizing the project.

CIPO Cloud is a highly configurable, reliable, and scalable software that allows our owner customers to track, manage, automate, and visualize their programs and projects in real time

In addition, the client can add additional steps to the workflow, which detects the changed order and sends the documents to the appropriate project members for their signature and authorization. CIPO Cloud automates many labor-intensive processes and workflows that construction companies utilized in the past with such features. As these capabilities allow the clients to improve the efficiency of their projects and programs, CIPO Cloud software is a lifesaver for construction owners.

Ivascu recalls the story of one such client, Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD), who approached CIPO Cloud with an issue associated with system reliability, among other items. The cost of maintaining the client’s previous proprietary system was significantly higher than in the last years, and support for the service had become problematic. In addition, the client struggled with multiple data silos that existed across several locations. After understanding the client’s needs and challenges, CIPO stepped in to help them with a fixed-cost solution. Subsequently, the company centralized their data, which allowed the client to find all the information on a single platform and gain massive efficiencies throughout the management of their Capital Program. “With the CIPO Cloud software, we are now able to maximize our efforts toward digitalizing our construction management operations through an advanced, reliable, user-friendly platform. CIPO is helping us build towards the future,” said Scott Lopian, EMWD, Senior Construction Administrator.

Such success stories stem from CIPO’s technical prowess and experience catering to their client’s unique challenges. To augment their clients’ operational excellence, the company continues to add new capabilities to the platform. With its latest addition, Virtual Drawings, the company allows its clients to centralize all their design documents and share them across project members. This feature also enables users to view the complete lifecycle and the communication between project members. With Virtual Drawings, CIPO allows a user access to their project plans and the ability to markup, link documents, communicate and identify changes to the Contract documents in the field. CIPO plans to further enhance these capabilities by adding new functionality and enabling customers to use the drawings. CIPO intends to help its clients manage and deliver their projects cost-effectively and make a long-lasting impact in the construction technology landscape with such features and functionalities.

CIPO Cloud Software

Corona, CA

Alex Ivascu, CEO and Tim Henigman, CTO

CIPO is a construction program management software. The company brings a cloud-based platform specifically built from the ground up for construction owners that breaks down barriers across project members and departments. CIPO Cloud software is simple, yet it features an innovative platform to address several pain points construction owners face while managing construction projects and programs. As the company has incorporated such elements after listening to construction owners' daily challenges, the platform makes their job easier. This comprehensive understanding of its clients' challenges and the owner-first approach is why CIPO built the software as a highly configurable application

CIPO Cloud Software