Cirro: Next Generation Data Federation

Mark Theissen, CEO
The era of small data is gone. Data available on the web is just getting bigger and bigger, and people have to think differently how they can manage it. According to a recent Gartner report, "enterprise data is expected to grow by 650 percent in the next five years." A June IDC study found that the world's data is doubling every two years, and that businesses will "manage 50 times more data, and files will grow 75 times more in the next decade." That’s Big Data.

However, the challenges that most companies face today is not on how to store this data but rather on how to easily access the volume and variety of data that exists in distributed data silos, yet remain unavailable for analysis. Seamless access for data analysis across the entire data ecosystem and asking disruptive questions that you couldn't ask earlier, represents 'the holy grail' within mainstream enterprises.

As a result, fast and streamlined data exploration and access to disconnected corporate data silos is one of the most significant hurdles facing business analysts today, a challenge skillfully solved by Cirro.

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Juan Capistrano, CA, Cirro provides a Next Generation Data Federation platform for analytic data services enabling the access and exploration of varied data platforms, data types and environments using a single language. Cirro offers a single point of entry to a company's data ecosystem. It is an easy-to-implement, highly scalable platform that can be deployed in the data center, the cloud or virtual private cloud. Cirro's mission is to 'collapse the time to value' for big data analysis and exploration by allowing non-IT professionals to easily access data and 'ask questions they previously couldn't ask' as it was too costly and time consuming to move, stage or pre-process the data for analysis. One Cirro customer now runs queries in a matter of minutes which previously took 2-4 weeks to simply stage the data before analysis could even start. Another customer is running queries across multiple platforms they simply couldn't do in a timely or cost-efficient manner before Cirro.

Cirro has been designed to enable non-technical analysts to access data and explore data sources using today's popular business intelligence and data visualization tools.

Cirro’s mission is to ‘collapse the time-to-value’ for big data analysis and enable non-IT professionals to easily access data

First generation market attempts to perform Big Data analytics required all data to be placed in one single location and then be accessed by a proprietary tool. This legacy approach of 'bringing the data to the processing' simply will not work for Big Data as it is not scalable, nor is it timely or cost efficient. Equally important, this approach does not leverage the significant existing investments a customer has made in their data warehousing and analytic infrastructures. The Cirro platform delivers the ability to query and integrate data from Hadoop, NoSQL and traditional data sources for on-the-fly analytics leveraging your existing BI tools. Over the years, Cirro has developed a matured network that delivers the best solutions to users by partnering with leading vendors and providers such as Accenture, Cloudera, Hortonworks, IBM, Predixion, and Tableau.

Big Data has exploded on the corporate data processing landscape with major fanfare. For many organizations the decision of 'what to do' with Big Data is far greater than 'the act of capturing' Big Data. "Every day organizations are wrestling with strategies for seamlessly accessing and integrating the old world of the data center and relational databases with new world of big data, SaaS and NoSQL data sources," said Mark Theissen, CEO, Cirro. The company's Next Generation Data Federation platform simplifies access for all data sources and shifts the corporate analytic focus from asking questions you already know to asking disruptive questions that deliver business leverage and bottom-line impact.


San Juan Capistrano, CA

Mark Theissen, CEO

Delivers the next generation data federation platform for analytic data services