Cirrus TMS: A Better View Into Freight Shipping

Since its inception in 2005, Cirrus TMS, a provider of transportation management system for freight brokerages and independent freight brokers, has grown from a basic less than-truckload rating and booking engine to a scalable system that features a truckload processing module and simple accounting software integration.

The software provider has partnered exclusively with growing freight brokerages or third party logistics providers (3PLs) that require a simple method to manage a large network of carriers, their sales force and their shippers. Over the years, Cirrus TMS has streamlined freight operations for Fortune 500 companies and businesses of all sizes. The solution is available as hosted SaaSbased or installed software, and is marketed to large retail enterprises, freight brokerages and small to midsize businesses.

Cirrus TMS offers visibility of real-time supply chain information; a centralized platform for storing carrier and customer data; ability to identify key performance indicators; instant rating, booking and automated bill of lading (BOL) generation; and, a strategy to reduce overall transportation and operational costs. The system also has a user-friendly interface and simple integration with business accounting software.Designed to eliminate repetitive data entry, Cirrus TMS efficiently manages the carrier data management and selection processes.It allows input of carrier details online, imports data directly into client’s system and sets up a secure web portal where carriers can self-manage their data.

Once the information is stored, it can be accessed during the quote process and the client can obtain real time pricing and transit time from multiple carriers.

Cirrus TMS delivers its products to manufacturers, distributors, retailers and freight brokerages.The company’s software meets the expectation of the most robust and complex supply chain or logistics provider. The broad clientele of Cirrus TMS includes Coca Cola, Baskin Robbins, Verizon, Pepsico, and Sterling Lumber.

Cirrus TMS provides a better view and more control over domestic and international freight shipping operations

FreightCenter, a nonasset based third party logistics (3PL) provider that generates more than 70 percent of its business from Internet traffic to its website, wanted a simple way to visualize and extract the rich data that it collected and stored in its database of customers. FreightCenter turned to Cirrus TMS, who helped them by increasing the number of return customers by streamlining certain sales functions, ultimately improving the way it serves customers. The business of FreightCenter has grown by 300 percent since the initial investment in Cirrus TMS.

Cirrus TMS dashboards and reports allow top management to access very smart information about the company’s shippers, carriers and employees without sifting through excessive details or wasting time on complicated system procedures.

Prime strategy behind Cirrus TMS is to create software that performs at the level of high-cost installations while delivering on a promise of usability and value. The company has streamlined the entire shipping process for Fortune 500 companies and supply chains of any size. Cirrus TMS plans to have an expanded marketplace availability of its SaaS-based transportation management technology by licensing its software to businesses that prefer to self-manage their freight operations.


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Provider of transportation management system for freight brokerages and independent freight brokers.